Kumar Vishwas is going to debut in Bollywood, Jackie Bhagnani is the producer of the film – see poster

Kumar Vishwas's entry in Bollywood.

Kumar Vishwas’s entry in Bollywood.

Famous in literature and politics, Kumar Vishwas is going to make his Bollywood debut soon. Actually, he has become a part of the film ‘Suryaputra Mahavir Karna’ (Suryaputra Mahavir Karna).

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New Delhi: Years ago, Kumar Vishwas used to recite poetry from literary forums. It was from here that he started gaining popularity. He then became a well-known face during the Anna movement. From there, he entered politics. He became famous in politics because of his impeccable statements. Now he is going to try his hand in the film world. He has become a part of a film to be made on Karna, the character of Mahabharata. The name of the film is ‘Suryaputra Mahavir Karna’ (Suryaputra Mahavir Karna). Through this film, famous poet Kumar Vishwas is going to debut in Bollywood.

Actually, Kumar Vishwas is writing the dialogues, lyrics and screenplays of the film. The film is set to be made on a grand level. In this way, he is associated with a film for the first time. The audience hopes that the way he is known to read great poems on stage, the same kind of amazing will be seen in the film as well.

Kumar Vishwas himself has given information about this. He writes, ‘There are some characters in history who have made victory something special for centuries, and beyond their defeat, they become immortal on the strength of their war skills, valor and valor. Suryaputra Karna is one such indelible and immortal character in Indian literature, whose aura of valor and might appears equally compelling between the two surnames ‘Sutra-Putra’ and ‘Surya-Putra’. He further says, ‘It is a matter of great pleasure for me personally to write dialogues and lyrics for this film; Suryaputra, which is being made on my favorite character. While sharing this with you today, I am also very curious that the story of this Mahayodha of Mahabharata will be coming to you very soon in various Indian languages ​​…

Explain that the film ‘Suryaputra Mahavir Karna’ is being made in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The director of the film will be RS Vimal. In this way, Karna can be seen on the big screen for the first time in grand style and from his perspective the story can be understood.

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