More than seven thousand registered electric vehicle, subsidy of Rs 13.5 crore on 210 models!

New Delhi. Delhi’s Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot to strengthen the commitment to make Delhi the EV capital of India. Switch to Delhi Resolution has been launched. Encouraged everyone to buy electric vehicles in Delhi. Over 7000 new EVs have been registered in Delhi. A subsidy of about 13.5 crores has been distributed so far on more than 210 accepted models.

The webinar was organized by Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission (DDDC) in collaboration with WRI India with an aim to increase engagement with the public and stakeholders to accelerate electric vehicle procurement in Delhi.

More than 100 people attended it. The webinar hosted two panels. One is the discussion between the electric vehicle buyers and experts and the second is how the youth can run EV movement in Delhi.

Expert panelists run by Amit Bhatt, Director of Transport at WRI India included Dr. OP Aggarwal of WRI India, Abhishek Ranjan of BRPL, Akshima Ghatte of RMI India, Automotive Journalist Kranti Sambhav and EV owner Ayushi Jain.

Dr. OP Aggarwal of WRI India said that EV policies implemented by other states resemble industrial policy. It seems that they have been created to attract investment in the state.

But the Delhi government has set an example in the EV policy by giving huge subsidies and incentives to purchase electric vehicles. Apart from this, buyers have been included in this movement.

Akshima Ghate of RMI India said that the decision of the Delhi government to convert the entire fleet into EV is a big decision. This will have a big and positive impact on the environment. This will go the way of making Delhi clean and green.

Abhishek Ranjan of BRPL said on the provisions of charging and strength that we are working with the Delhi government to encourage better charging infrastructure, grid planning and consumer planning.

There will never be any problem regarding the supply of electricity to charge the vehicles. The Delhi government is also taking steps to ensure basic facilities with the help of solar power. Ayushy Jain, who bought an electric car, said that it feels very good to own an electric vehicle.

The second panel of youth running EV movement in Delhi included environmentalist student Aditya Dubey, Let Me Breath to Niharika Maggo, Paryavaran Kahaani Manch and EV owner Sherebanu Frosh and member of Naxon Electric Vehicle Buyers Club Vivek Ahuja.

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