Punjab and Sindh Bank to issue Tehriji shares in exchange for capital of Rs 5,500 crore

An extraordinary meeting of the bank's shareholders is scheduled to take place on 25 March 2021.

An extraordinary meeting of the bank’s shareholders is scheduled to take place on 25 March 2021.

The government received approval from Parliament in September 2020 for additional capital of Rs 20,000 crore for putting additional capital into public sector banks. Out of this, a capital of Rs 5,500 crore is to be poured into Punjab and Sindh Bank.

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New Delhi. Punjab And Sindh Bank (Punjab and Sindh bank) The next Month Government To Bank in 5,500 Crore Rupees Of Finance Insert Of Change in Preference share Ongoing Will do. Tuesday Bank has Regulatory information in this Information Given is. Which states that Bank Of Shareholders Of One Extraordinary The meeting 25 March 2021 To To be is. This meeting in Government To 5,500 Crore Rupees till Of Equity Shares Of Preference base On Allotment To With idea did will go. Bank has said is That this The meeting Video Conferencing And The same type Of other Mediums Of Via Will be

I know that the government has Public Area Of Banks in Apart from Finance Insert Of For September in Parliament From Supplement Grant Demands Of Under 20,000 Crore Rupees Of Finance Of For Clearance get Of was. in this From 5,500 Crore Rupees Of Finance Punjab And Sindh Bank in branch Jani is. remainder Amount To Existing Quarter Of During Various Banks in Investment did Will go.

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What is the preference share

Preference Share in english Preference share Too Say is. Whom someone company Ours Select Investors And Promoters To Ongoing Does is Preference or Preference share Keep The ones Investors Equity share Holder From Excess Safe Occur Huh. his The reason is That If ever company Bankrupt Having Of The ledge On Ho so this type Of Shareholders To Normal Equity Shareholders Of Compared Finance Of payment in Preference Given Caste is. company To If someone Benefit Would is so That Benefit On Too from all first These Shareholders Of Right Made is. These Dividend or Dividend To give Of later that The money Survives is, that other category Of Shareholders in Distributed go is.

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