These are 12 ways, by taking advantage of which you can also save in income tax

New Delhi. Tax Payers is generally about section 80c in the tax saving deduction of Income Tax. Know more is. However, also income There are many such provisions in tax, due to lack of information, people can save tax, they are unable to save Or say that They are not able to reduce tax deduction. There are 12 provisions not just one or right, which we are telling you todayThe government rebates in tax also for different and camouflaged things. Let us know today about all those Acts, due to which you can reduce the income tax further.

Section 80C

Income Tax (Income tax) Savings Of In terms of From Income tax Law Of Section 80C very Important And Common is. where anyone person the wages or Business From Earnings Of later Income Tax (Income tax) Of 30 Percent Tax Slab in Now is so Income Tax Law Of Only Section 80C in 1.5 Lakh Rupees till Of Investment From that Tax Liability Of 46,350 Rupees Of Savings Tax Can is. in this EPF, PPF, Benefit of section 80c is also given in the amount of the mutual fund, PPF, NPF, Ham Laine by paying the principal amount and in the school fees of children.

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Section 80CCD (1B)

All are another way of saving tax Section 80CCD (1B) Of Under 50 Thousand Money NPS Account Investment To do Of.Here note To give Wali talk this is That this Katai Section 80c Of Apart from Accepted Caste is Such in you The total Da Lakh Money till You can save tax on the amount of In which section 80c in 1,50,000 And 80CCD (1B) in 50,000 Rupees.

Section 80CCD (2)

NPS Account in Employer By Done went Contribution On Too Staff Tax deduction Claim Tax Can is. Employer Of Contribution, Employee Of Salary Of 10 Percent Of equal And DA (dearness allowance) Remains involved. this note Keep That Finance The year 2020-21 From Effective, Retirement Of Fund in Employer Of ContributionEPF, Supernation Fund, NPS, One Financial The year in 7.5 Lakh Rupees From Will be more Tax Right Will happen. Its Apart from, this Kind Of Contribution On Earned Interest Too Will come under the tax net this type, this section Of Under Tax Benefit Of Benefit Picking Time, this make sure Do the That your NPS Accounts in Employer Of Contribution And with Only EPF Of Contribution Financial The year in 7.5 Lakh Rupees From Excess not Ho.

Section 80D

Income Tax Of Section 80D Of Under Medical Insurance Of for lamps Know The ones Premium On Tax Rescued Go Can is. If you Myself Of for, The partner or Children Of for Premium Ada Do Huh so 25,000 Rupees till Tax Left Can Huh. If you Ours 60 year From up Of motherhusband Of for Health Insurance Premium Had finished Can Huh so 50,000 Rupees till Of concession The pie Go Can is.Hence, The self (Spouse And dependent Children Including) And Senior Citizen motherhusband Of for payment did Gone Health Insurance Premium you Financial The year in 75,000 Rupees till Of Tax Save in help Tax Can If Taxpayer And motherhusband Both Senior Citizen Huh, so One Financial The year in Maximum 1 Lakh Rupees Of Deduction Of Claim did Go Can is.

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Section 80DD व Section 80DDB

Section In addition to 80D, there are other sections that help you save tax. In which section 80DD and Section 80DDB Come is. Section 80DD He gets the benefit of where he is incapacitated in himself or his family, in which his wife, children, brother, sister or he himself can be taken, for which the expenses incurred for treatment are exempt from income tax. Deduction Of Permission this talk On Dependent Does is That Dependency Disabled is or serious form From Disabled is. If dependent Less From Less 40% Disabled is, so Maximum Deduction 75,000 Rupees And If Disability 80% or Excess is, so him serious Disability agreed go is And in this Maximum Deduction 1.25 Lakh Rupees Provision of

There itself Section 80DDB in Diseases or Diseases Of relation in Done went Medical Treatment Of Expenses Of for Tax concession Of Provision is. Section 80DDB Specified Diseases like That Cancer, Chronic Kidney Diseases etc Of the treatment Of for Done went Treatment Expenses Of for Deduction Provide Does is. this Deduction Of Claim Self or Dependents On Done went Expenses Of for did Go Can is. 60 The year From Less Age Of The individuals Of for, Even if The self or dependent, Maximum Deduction 40,000 While Rs 60 The year or by this Excess Age Of Senior The citizens Of for, Maximum Deduction 1 Lakh Rs.

Section 80U

Section 80DD or 80U Of Under deduction Claim To do Of for Necessary is That Myself person or dependent Any Such disease From the victim Ho In which that work To do in Disabled Ho. These Sections in Disability Of Level 40 Percent From Less No Happen needed. although, section 80UAnd 80DD Of Under Deduction Of Claim One with No did Go Can Section 80 U Of Under Deduction Of Claim Disabled person By did go is, while section 80 DD Of Under Deduction Dependent person By Claim did go is Whosoever Disabled person Of treatment Of for Expenditure did is. Disability And serious Disability Both Section Of for deduction Of Amount equal is.

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Section 24

Section 80 C Of Under home Loan The principal Repayment On To meet The ones Tax Benefit Of Apart from, One Financial Year Of During Loan On lamps Know The ones Interest On Maximum 2 Lakh Rupees On Tax benefit Of Claim Tax Can Huh. this Benefit In college Taken for myself Property Of for for went The loan Of for available is. Tae If you One under construction Property Of for home Loan On Interest Give are Huh, so this Benefit House Of Possession Of later available Will happen, Provided this Five year Of Within Ho. Construction Period Of During payment did Gone Interest to submit did Go Can is And House On Capture Get Of later Five equal Installments in Claim did Go Can is.

Section 80EEA

Donation in Contribution To do From you Tax Save in Too help Get Can is. If you section 80 Yes Of Under Specified The official Notified Wealth To Donation Do Huh so you mine gross The total Income From Deduction Of form in Donation Of 100% till Of Claim Tax Can Huh With which your Tax Right Income Less Ho Can is.

Section 80TTA

Banks or Post Offices Of with Keep Savings Accounts in remainder Amount On Earned Interestother Sources From IncomeOf Under Tax Right is. One Financial The year in 10,000 Rupees till Of These Sources From Earned Interest To section 80TTA Of Under gross The total Income From Deduction Of form in Claim did Go Can is. although, Senior Citizen this Deduction Of Claim No Tax Can Because They section 80TTB Of Under Deduction Of Claim To do Of Right Huh.

Section 80TTB

Senior Citizen (Whose Age 60 The year And From him Excess is) this section Of Under gross The total Income From Maximum 50,000 Rupees Of Deduction Of Claim Tax Can Huh. Deduction Of mention Specified Sources From Earned Interest On did Go Can is like That Savings Account, Fixed to submit, Senior Citizen Savings Account etc.

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Section 80E

education Loan On Repay went Interest On Too you Tax concession Will be found. In college person Only this Deduction Of Claim Tax Can Huh. Hindu undivided family ( HUF) this Deduction Of Entitled to No Huh. Maximum Amount Of someone Limit No is That One Financial The year in this section Of Under gross The total Income From Deduction Of form in Claim did Go Can is. although, The loan From the beginning of repayment Maximum 8 Years Of It can be availed within

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