Northeast Railway will now provide disposal bedroll to passengers, know how and in how much facility

New Delhi. After Northern Railway, now North Eastern Railway has also started preparing to provide disposable blankets, sheets and towels, etc. to the railway passengers at their stations. To save railway passengers from the Kovid epidemic, the Northeast Railway is working fast on it. For now, it will be started by the Railways only at Gorakhpur Junction of Gorakhpur Division. Such facility has been entrusted to private hands.

It is said that in the coming times Apart from Gorakhpur Junction of Lucknow division, it is also likely to be started on two other divisions. Lucknow division which comes under both Northeast and Northern Railways. Lucknow division under Northern Railway has already started in this direction.

Work is being done at Gorakhpur Junction
Also Izzat Nagar and Varanasi DI
The Vision also comes under the North Eastern Railway Zone. Right now, how long this facility can be started for the passengers in the entire zone by the authorities, it has not been decided yet.

Pankaj, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Eastern Railway, told News18 India that the process of providing disposal bedrolls is currently being done at Gorakhpur Junction. Some tenders have also been issued on this. At the same time, he told that Lucknow Division (Lucknow) has worked in this direction. Contact with him is also constantly to take this process forward. Some work is yet to be done in this direction.

According to railway officials, such a facility is likely to be available from next March. In addition to platform number 9 of Gorakhpur, counters will be opened to provide disposal bedrolls at the gates of one and two platforms. At these counters, passengers will be able to buy blankets, sheets and towels etc. as per their convenience.

Sanitizer and mask will also be provided
In addition, the railway administration will also provide sanitizers and masks etc. to all passengers under the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs to protect the corona from infection. It is said that if bedrolls are not used, then passengers can also take them to their home. However, different possible rent of bed roll has been fixed. To prevent Corona virus infection, the operation of the trains was stopped completely after the lockdown took place on 22 March 2020 across the country. Due to this, bedrolls and curtains were also removed in AC trains.

Disposal materials have also been rated

According to the officials, rates have also been fixed to provide disposal material.

250 rupees will have to be paid on taking a full set of bed sheet blanket. At the same time, if the sheet is taken, then ₹ 50 has to be paid for the sheet. If you take a pillow with a sheet, you will have to pay ₹ 100. You only have to pay ₹ 100 for a blanket. At the same time, if the passenger takes the bed sheet with blanket, then he has to pay ₹ 200.

New Delhi station has started on February 15

Let us tell you that the UV-based sanitizer machine and the Disposal Germ Free Absorbol Kit were inaugurated on 15 February on behalf of Northern Railway General Manager Ashutosh Gangal at New Delhi Railway Station. The General Manager had said that it was started with the aim of providing safe and comfortable journey to the railway passengers.

He also said that this facility will be provided to the passengers at reasonable prices. At the same time, these products were also asked to make corona preventive measures of rail travel, hand sanitizer, hand wash, mask etc. products available at Delhi Junction and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway stations apart from New Delhi. Railways are estimated to have an additional income of about Rs. 1 crore as revenue. Two contracts were awarded under the new innovative non-fare revenue.

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