Quality certificate will be required before sending eggs abroad: Ministry of Commerce

Exportable certificate will be needed to send eggs abroad

Exportable certificate will be needed to send eggs abroad

Under the draft order issued by the Ministry, no consignment of eggs and egg products will be exported unless the compliance of the applicable standards is confirmed.

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New Delhi. The Ministry of Commerce has issued a draft rules for export of eggs and its products, under which it will be necessary to check the quality of the goods before sending them abroad. The Ministry has invited suggestions and objections from the people on the draft of this order. Under the draft order, a consignment of eggs and egg products cannot be exported until compliance with the applicable standards is confirmed. Also, an exportable certificate issued by the nominated agency will be required.

Steps taken to speed up export trade
Under a February 22 order of the Ministry, the Central Government, after consultation with the Export Inspection Council, has decided that it is necessary to give impetus to India’s export trade … It is notified that the egg and eggs The export of products will depend on quality control or inspection or both. All this will be done before export. It also states that if any person has any objection or suggestion in this matter, then he can send it to the Export Inspection Council.

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After the news of bird flu, the prices of chicken and eggs fell. There was a rapid decrease in their demand in the market. Due to this, there is a ruckus among the poultry farm owners. Due to this condition of the market, their cost was also not coming out. But once again the demand for eggs has started increasing.

Traders say that egg prices have started picking up. Presently, 100 eggs are being sold from Rs 400 to Rs 450 from the poultry farm. People say that after the advisory issued by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO), people have started eating eggs.

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