We are here to know this moment, where are you tomorrow, so live life this moment…

Living in the present, staying in touch with your present is the real decision to live an effective and brilliant life. If seen, there is really no such moment except present which we live and future will also be an upcoming present moment, so always thinking of living in the present and living that instant moment is applicable to our life. We are not saying this but rather Noted writer, life coach and metaphysical speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer Have said But everyone finds it difficult to live life by forgetting the past and not thinking of the future, because it is not so easy to learn the art of living in the present, but it can be learned with daily practice, commitment and awareness. I can look beautiful like a dream. We are going to tell you this here today. So get ready to live a full and instant life through these tips.

Make a habit of listening carefully:

Listening to others and really understanding what they are saying to you helps you build deeper and authentic relationships with others. With this, you are able to openly express yourself who you are and what you want to say. Learn to appreciate true and honest communication with others. With this, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of interactions with people around you.

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Consider your thoughts:

It is estimated that about 70,000 thoughts are floating in our consciousness daily. A large part of this is negative and limited thinking based on our past experiences. These toxic thoughts force us to think that we have no control over our circumstances. We cannot change them. In such a situation, being aware of our thoughts gives us the opportunity to redirect them. This gives us a chance to bring forth a new reality based on new ideas and new possibilities. Give yourself the gift of looking at your thoughts and believe the truth, it will change your life.

Eat slowly and taste the food:

We often swallow our food in the turmoil of life. And sometimes, in order to make ourselves feel better, they eat anything sarcasm. This joy of just eating often leaves us dissatisfied, so eat food slowly and be alert to its taste, smell and texture while eating. With this, you are present in the present moment and it helps you to enjoy one of the most enjoyable experiences of life.

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Breathe in consciousness

Every breath we take has the power to heal us.But then when we are able to concentrate on our breath. When we breathe slowly, we make it very effective and every cell of the body gets oxygen. Along with calming the mind in the breath, we also have the power to focus our attention in the present by eliminating toxic or negative thoughts.

Focus on one task at a time:

Multitasking is not always effective. We often take many tasks together and miss our best in the process of completing many things at the same time. Instead, if we focus on one task in a little slow motion, then we can complete it with complete improvement. With this, a new and positive attitude towards life gives satisfaction as well, so leave the passion to complete one thousand tasks in a day. You yourself will feel that this has increased your productivity.

Do mercy daily

A simple smile, a helping hand, and speaking a comforting word to a passer-by on the road can greatly improve your life. The truth is that we never know how our acts of kindness are going to enrich and improve the lives of the people around us. Try spreading a little kindness around yourself daily. Do some good work, and see how your own life improves as a result of that goodness.

Be grateful:

We have so much to be thankful for in life. The air we breathe, the opportunity to live life and the experience of experiencing the world around us, not only the gifts of love and happiness that we have Huh. We should be great for all of them. When we express our gratitude to them every day, it positively impacts our health, our mind and life.

Live for every day

When you wake up in the morning, are you thankful and thankful that you have got another day to experience life.Know that every day is a gift for all of us and to live it should be just the right response, gratitude and enthusiasm. There are many such gifts and opportunities scattered around us, which are waiting for us to take advantage of them. Then what is the delay, get out, experience the day, live in the present moment, and create a life of magical gifts that you can use to benefit yourself and others.

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