What were the technical defects, how did the investors get affected, know everything

National Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange

Technical glitches or technical flaws may be associated with hardware or software of the stock exchange or even connectivity links with brokers.

New Delhi. Technical glitch disrupted the functioning of the world’s largest stock exchange, the National Stock Exchange, on Wednesday afternoon. A number of questions have arisen due to this technical glitch. Know here the answers to all the questions related to the technical glitch in NSE-

What is technical glitch or technical flaw?
The technical drawback may be related to the hardware or software of the stock exchange or even connectivity links with brokers. This can affect normal business activities. It is believed that trading in stocks takes place entirely electronically and a glitch can potentially affect millions of investors. There can be many reasons for technical glitch. For example, during the system update of the stock exchange, there may be some problem on the broker end suddenly.

What is the technical flaw today The NSE stopped all trading (equity, futures, currency) at 11.40 pm on Wednesday. NSE said in its official statement, “NSE has several telecom links through two service providers, which provide additional capacity. We have received information from both telecom service providers that there is some flaw in their system, which affects the functioning Is kept.”

Do stock exchanges have a backup plan for such a flaw?

Ideally, trading does not stop for long if a technical glitch occurs. Disaster Recovery Mechanisms have been created for stock exchanges. BSE and NSE have Disaster Recovery Sites sites that work when there is a problem with the main site or server.

How technical glitches affect investors
When trading stops due to a technical glitch, investors are affected because they are not able to buy or sell shares.

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