Do not ignore these symptoms, migraine may occur

Many times we keep ignoring the problems happening in the body (Ignore). If you get a headache, then the pen killers eat it. If there is a problem in the eyes, then they work by putting an eye drop. There can be many reasons for this neglect. Consider these problems as being a common problem, refrain from going to the doctor or lack of time due to a busy schedule. But sometimes this neglect can also be the cause of some major illness. One such disease is migraine. Ignoring the symptoms of which can cause trouble for you. Therefore it is important that you recognize these symptoms in time and contact the doctor without ignoring it.

Migraine also gives information about your health status, this is because it can be related to many other diseases including asthma, depression and heart disease. So know about the symptoms of migraine. If you feel some of the symptoms mentioned here, do not ignore them and contact the doctor.

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Symptoms of migraineThe main symptom of migraine is a severe headache. Someone may have this pain on one side of the head and some may also have full head.

This pain in the head can also increase due to your movement.

Increased headache in strong light. Also jitter with light.

Pain in the neck along with headaches.

Some may also have trouble with nausea and vomit with headaches.

Willingness to lie quietly in some dark place when there is pain.

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Weakness, dizziness and sweating.

Sometimes cold, sometimes too much heat is felt.

There can also be problems related to vision. Such as spots on the wall or ceiling upon waking up.

The feeling of falling from the thread before the eyes.

Bright lights or zigzag lines appear in front of the eye. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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