34-year-old actress Hazel Keech, met cricketer Yuvraj Singh in film style

Hazel has married former cricketer Yuvraj Singh.  (Instagram @HazelKeech)

Hazel has married former cricketer Yuvraj Singh. (Instagram @HazelKeech)

Happy Birthday: Hazel Keech has worked in Bollywood in the films ‘Billa’ and ‘Bodyguard’ (Bolywood). Hazel appeared in the role of Salman’s wife in the film ‘Bodyguard’.

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Mumbai. Hazel Keech became a household name after playing Salman Khan’s wife in the film Bodyguard. On 28 February, Hazel, born in the UK, is celebrating her 34th birthday today (Happy Birthday Hazel Keech). Hazel Keech married cricketer Yuvraj Singh in 2016 and settled down. Today on Hazel’s birthday, we will tell you how his love story with Yuvraj started.

The marriage of Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech has completed 4 years. The couple got married on 30 November 2016. Hazel and Yuvraj’s love story is quite interesting. During a show, Yuvraj had uncovered all his secrets and told how Hazel made him wait for three and a half years to meet over coffee.

For three years, Yuvraj persuaded Hazel to take him to coffee. Whenever Yuvraj asked Hazel for coffee, she immediately said yes, but the day she had to go, she used to sit off the phone. Yuvraj got very angry due to this happening repeatedly and he had deleted the number of the hazel.

Yuvraj deleted the number, but he could not remove the hazel from the heart. One day Yuvraj sent Hazel a friend request and managed to become Hazel’s friend on social media. Yuvraj had told in an interview that Hazel had received his friend request after three months. After that the conversation started. After almost three years, Yuvraj and Hazel met on a coffee date. Bejal Keech had said in an interview that even after continuous meeting, I did not realize that I had started liking Yuvraj. I came to know when Yuvraj proposed to me. What was it then, I accepted the proposal of Yuvraj. After this, Hazel married Yuvraj Singh on 30 November 2016.

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