CM Trivendra Singh’s workers will have to work with the message – connection to the public and with coordination

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat addressing the public.

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat addressing the public.

The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand (Trivendra Singh Rawat) has started preparing for the next year’s assembly elections in the state. CM is visiting the state to take stock of development works and take feedback from the public.

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Dehradun. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has intensified the tour in the election year. In the upcoming assembly elections, CM is going to strengthen the ground. During this visit, the CM told the workers that coordination and connection is most important in the public and the leader.

Since the beginning of 2021, the way of work of Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat has changed and the Chief Minister does not want to give any opportunity to the opposition. In the last 2 months, he is touring the assembly constituencies of all the districts. At the same time, going in the CM area, taking stock of the development works and reviewing the announcements.

Talk of Delhi tour, or to hand over the responsibility to 18 leaders of the organization. The CM says that his effort is to improve coordination with the public. In Uttarakhand, it is not easy for any one leader to practice the politics of 2 mandals, 13 districts and 70 Vidhan Sabha constituencies. In view of this, the Chief Minister has given a clear message to the ministers, MLAs and rank holders that listen to the people and do what the people say.

Dehradun: Police arrested a smuggler with a smack of Rs 1 croreIn Uttarakhand, the electoral examination to be held in every fifth year has not been the seat of the persecuted party. In such a situation, the Chief Minister, who is leading a government of 57 MLAs, has also changed the mode of work and the mode of coordination. The 4 years of the Trivandra government are being completed on 18 March and on this occasion, the government is preparing for the program in 70 assemblies. The biggest program of the state level will be in Lachhiwala of Doiwala assembly of CM Trivendra, while the MLA will be the chairman of the program in every assembly constituency program.

At the same time, the Congress is also in the mood to do politics on this occasion. The Congress does not want to leave any chance of politics in the election year. After March 14, the Congress is preparing to hold a rally in the entire state and these rallies will be at the state level. It is reported that 3 rallies will be held in Garhwal and 3 rallies in Kumaon Mandal so that the message of the political campaign against the government goes to the entire state.

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