Does sunlight really shine life, know its benefits

Have you ever heard this song –Life sunshine you thick shadow Must be lukewarm. If it is taken literally, then sunlight and sunshine have been taken in a disturbing sense, but do you know that sunshine is very dense for your health. Perhaps the reason behind the sensation of taking sunlight as a problem is that sunlight on the skin can become the cause of cancer? This is one of its negative aspects or downsides, but if seen beyond this, sunshine is extremely important for all living organisms. We are not saying this but rather research says that there are countless benefits of spending time in the sun, but in a limited way.

Help to overcome cancer and other health related problems:

Sunlight helps our body to make vitamin D which is effective in preventing some types of cancer. Due to vitamin D deficiency (Dementia), weakening of teeth, danger to the immune system and compromised osteoporosis, problems can occur. The best way to take vitamin D is to take it through certain foods, such as fish and fresh milk, and half an hour of direct sunlight every week.

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Effective in removing depression

Serotonin is formed in our brain when sunlight hits the retina. This chemical gives us a wonderful and unique positive filling. It is well known that most antidepressants artificially stimulate serotonin production and thus help prevent depression. Then the space to take them is limited and why should it be sunny in the right way.

Disinfectant is:

To understand the disinfectant effect of sunlight, it is enough that we put everything in the sun for whatever we want to get rid of germs, but if we want to know about it carefully, then we go back to the event when In 1903, Niels Riberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize for it. He told from his discovery that light works best in treating certain diseases. He made an in-depth search on the effects of sunlight on living people and through phototherapy he said that there are medical benefits of light.

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Enhances life:

One thousand heart passants were monitored for several years at the University of Graz, Austria. It was found that there was a relationship between early death and the amount of vitamin D in the body. That is why we are not saying, but this discovery is telling that the best and cheapest way to maintain these vitamins in the body is to enjoy a little sunlight.

Hunger control

Another effect of vitamin D is that it keeps the appetite under control. This has come to light in a study by Aberdeen University of Scotland. When he monitored 3,000 women for two years. This showed that people who had low levels of vitamin D in their body, the problem of obesity was seen more.

Important for better sleep:

You may also be wondering what the connection between sleep and sunlight can be, but the truth is quite the opposite. Yes. Receptors of the eyes regulate the rhythm of day and night by taking sunlight properly. The researcher proves that one of its important functions is the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This hormone is made at night. There is a relationship between sun and sleep hormone because its formation depends on the sunlight your body receives. If you take the right sunlight during the day, then this hormone becomes a better method.

Improves blood pressure:

In Scandinavia, the sun is less visible due to shorter winter days. Research conducted among the people there shows that 80 percent of the people there have been found to be very deficient in vitamin D. European Society of Hypertension It has been revealed in the recent conference that women who are suffering from vitamin D deficiency may continue to have high blood pressure. In more words, if less is said, time should be taken for lunch and in special winter to get sun.(Diclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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