Government’s record earnings from Fastag, 100 crores in a day

The government has made FASTAG mandatory since midnight of 15 February.

The government has made FASTAG mandatory since midnight of 15 February.

From midnight of 15 February, toll collection has been seen on the toll plaza through Fastag (FASTag).

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New Delhi. From midnight of 15 February, it has become mandatory to impose FASTag on all vehicles passing through the National Highway. At the same time, the government’s earnings from Fastag have broken records. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) said in a statement that daily toll collection has reached a record level of around Rs 104 crore through Fastag.

NHAI said in a statement that the toll collection during this week has been more than Rs 100 crore per day. On February 25, toll collection through Fostag has reached the highest mark of Rs 103.94 crore with more than 64.5 lakh daily transactions. ”

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SC refuses to hear plea contesting FasTag’s inevitabilityAt the same time, the Supreme Court on Friday refused to hear the petition challenging the Central Government’s decision to make the FASTAG mandatory for all vehicles. Chief Justice S. a. A three-member bench of Bobde, Justice Bopanna and Justice V. Ramasubramanian asked the petitioner to go to the Delhi High Court. The court allowed the petitioner to withdraw the petition.

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Fastag became compulsory from midnight of 15 February, if not imposed double toll tax will have to be paid
Significantly, the government has made fastag mandatory since midnight of 15 February and the vehicle which does not have fastag will have to pay double at electronic toll plazas across the country.

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