Now you can become rich by investing money in American market! You will get great returns, know everything about it

New Delhi. If you are planning to invest, now SBI Mutual Fund, the country’s largest fund house, is going to launch a special scheme. Under this scheme, you can earn big money by investing money in the US stock market. Actually, SBI is bringing its first international fund offer (FoF). SBI Mutual Fund will launch its first international fund offer on Monday. The name of this fund will be SBI International Access – US Equity FOF. However, some of SBI’s domestic schemes such as SBI Focused Equity already invest a part of their portfolio in international shares. The new scheme will go to Amundi Funds – US Pioneer Fund.

‘Global investment remains less risky’
SBI Mutual Fund Business Officer DP Singh said that most of the investments of Indian investors are generally in Indian stocks. Global investment will provide strong benefits. Through international mutual funds, investors can take advantage of the market manifold from India. Global investment makes the portfolio of any investor diversified, which helps reduce risk. The underlying fund has the fastest growing tech companies of today which follow the philosophy of Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

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Let us know that if there is a decline in domestic currency, then it works as a hedge. Talking about the last 5 years, international mutual funds have given returns of up to 32 percent. Due to this, the attractiveness of investment at the international level is increasing.

Know about International Fund?
International funds or overseas funds invest in international markets. These funds can be invested in equity or debt. They also invest in other asset classes such as commodities, real estate etc. According to SEBI regulations, mutual funds that invest more than 80 percent in equity or equity related instruments of other countries fall in the category of international funds.

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What is the way of investing in it
Some international funds invest directly in international equities. At the same time, there are some funds that invest in international index such as Nasdaq or S&P 500. There are also some who act as feeder funds and invest in an identifiable mutual fund in the international market. Then there are the Fund of Funds which invest in units of International Funds.

Funds that give the best returns in 1 year-
>> Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 FOF: 46 percent

>> DSP World Gold: 45 percent

>> PGIM India Global Equity Opportunity: 40%

>> Franklin Feeder US Opportunity: 33 percent

>> ICICI Pru Bluechip Equity: 25 percent

>> Nippon India US Equity Opportunity: 22%

>> ABSL Global Emerging Opportunity: 21%

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