Santosh Upadhyay made a film based on real story ‘Innocent Question: The Unbearable Pain’ with a big objective.

The shooting of these films has been completed in Vrindavan in 35 days.

The shooting of these films has been completed in Vrindavan in 35 days.

Santosh Upadhyay’s biggest objective behind making this film is that he has many menstrual questions, which he wants to reach the people through the film and his message related to this practice every Want to spread the place.

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New Delhi. Santosh Upadhyay Is an astrology by profession. He has been working in this field for many years, but one day an incident happened to him that the purpose of his life changed. Actually, Santosh has many people to know about his fate and also puts many of his problems in front of him, so one day a 12-year-old girl came to him with his problem, which would start after her first menstruation. is. After listening to the girl’s words, Santosh becomes very emotional and he decides that he will convey his story to the people through a big screen. He also completed what he thought and made a film called ‘Innocent Question: The Unbearable Pain’.

The biggest motive of satisfaction behind making this film is that there are many such menstrual questions, to which he wants to reach the people through the film and spread his message related to this practice everywhere. The story of the film ‘Innocent Question: The Unbearable Pain’ revolves around a girl, who, when she discovers her brother in childhood, tells Srikrishna of the house to her brother. Till the age of 14, with whom she used to play, after the first menstrual period, touching the Deity of the same Shri Krishna, as if she had sinned. After this, the film ‘Innocent Question: The Unbearable Pain’ is the story of the uproar and problems.

The shooting of these films has been completed in Vrindavan in 35 days. Currently the post production work of the film is going on and soon this film is going to knock in theaters. This film has been produced by Ranjana Upadhyay under the banner of Nakshatra 27 Media Production. Talking about the actors involved in the film, Nitanshi Goyal, Mannat Duggal, Moha Chaudhary, Vrinda Trivedi, Rohit Tiwari, Ram Ji Bali, Gargi Banerjee, Ekavali Khanna, Shishir Sharma and Madhu Sachdeva are in the lead roles.

About his film ‘Innocent Question: The Unbearable Pain’, the storyteller and director Santosh Upadhyay says, ‘As the title of the film,’ Innocent Question ‘itself tells everything that this story is a little girl. And his innocent questions. After all, why a child cannot touch the idol of God in menstruation, which she does not believe to be God. Brother is admitting After all, how does it become impure during the Mahavri? Why is he forced to follow strict and different rules in these days? These are the questions that can arise in the minds of today’s generation, the generation that can live more freely today. When a woman is going through her period, her pain is unbearable and I believe that at this time, the orthodox thinking and restraint imposed on her increases her pain manifold. If you look at today’s cinema, there has been a strong change in its content, today the audience is demanding different types of content. The stories of the film are moving beyond just love stories and towards subjects, be it a social theme or a story of historical background. I would call it modern cinema ‘Director Santosh Upadhyay further said,’ I am happy and proud that I could make a film on such a topic at this time. A subject that is very sensitive, a subject that questions old evils and restrictions. I am sure that this film will leave a deep impression in the minds of the viewers. During and after watching the film, people will ask in their mind that why should not such rules of Mahavari be changed, why should we not adopt these changes which can reduce this unbearable pain. ‘

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