Chinese hackers target Vaccine Makers SII and India Biotech, what is China’s intention

New Delhi: Chinese hackers are targeting Indian COVID-19 vaccine developers, manufacturers and administrators. Cyber ​​intelligence firm Cyfirma told Reuters that hackers are targeting India’s Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech, Patanjali and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). In recent weeks, the Chinese state-hacking group has targeted the IT systems of two Indian vaccine manufacturers, whose coronovirus shots are being used in the country’s vaccination campaign.

These 12 countries are on watch
Let us tell you that China and India have sold COVID-19 shots to many countries. India produces more than 60 percent of all vaccines sold in the world. Apart from India, twelve countries including Japan, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Italy and Germany are on the radar of hackers.

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Ritesh quoted the hackers as saying, “In the case of Serum Institute, they have found many people running their public servers vulnerable web servers, these are weak web servers.”

Microsoft said in November that it had detected cyber attacks from Russia and North Korea targeting COVID-19 vaccine companies in India, Canada, France, South Korea and the United States. North Korean hackers also tried to break into the system of British drugmaker AstraZeneca. Earlier, South Korean espionage agency had said in its report that North Korean hackers tried to hack the computer system of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

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A case was also revealed in December last year
Also in December last year, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) was successfully attacked by hackers. Cyber ​​criminals leaked it in January this year after stealing sensitive data related to the COVID-19 vaccine and its research.

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