Do Intraday Trading in the stock market so be careful! This effect will be affected by the rules of SEBI from today

SEBI New Rule

SEBI New Rule

SEBI new peak margin: The Peak Margin rules of the Security and Excellence Board of India (SEBI) have changed from today. From today, the new peak margin doubled to 50 percent. It was 25 percent earlier.

New Delhi. If you invest money in the share market then it is very important news for you. Please tell that from today the Peak Margin rules of the Security and Execution Board of India (SEBI) have changed. From today, the new peak margin doubled to 50 percent. Earlier 25 percent peak margins were imposed. From today onwards the rules of peak margins will be applicable in all segments like intraday, delivery and derivatives. The highest margin out of the four will be considered the peak margin.

SEBI’s new rule comes into effect from March 1
That is, now there will be more margin on the trades that will take place in the day (IntraDay trading). The clearing corporation will take four screen shorts of it. That is, it will see four times how much the margins are in the trades done during the day. Based on that, there will be two highest margins, it will be calculated and investors will have to keep at least 50 percent of its margin. If you do not keep it, then you will incur penalty for it. Earlier, penalty was imposed for not keeping 25 percent margin. Now the new rules have come into force from 1 March.

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This peak margin is the second phase. The first phase came in December 2020. Now according to media reports, the third phase of the peak margin will come in June this year. In which investors have to keep at least 75 percent margin at least. After this, 100 percent will have to be kept again from September.

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