Enjoy Mint Mohito in the changing season, mind will be – COOL

Mint Mojito Recipe: You can drink Mint Mohito to beat summer. Its Minty and Lemon taste much better. Today we have brought you the recipe of Mint Mohito. Are you ready to make Mint Mojito by cooking cooking tips?

Ingredients to make Mint Mohito:
Mint leaves – 800 grams
Lemon – 1 kg (24)
Sugar – 1 Kg

How to make Mint Mohito:

To make Mint Mohito, wash and cut the lemon. Now take out the juice of the sliced ​​lemon in a vessel.

Make sugar syrup to make mohito. For this, put sugar and 2 cups of water in a vessel and put it on the gas. Allow it to cook until the sugar completely dissolves. Keep stirring it frequently. Check the syrup, if the stringed sugar syrup is ready, cook it a little longer and thicken.

Now mix 1 table spoon lemon juice in the thick sugar syrup. Make this syrup out of three wires. To check the consistency of sugar syrup, drop the syrup with a spoon, if it is falling like a three wire, then it means that the syrup is ready. Turn off the gas. Let the syrup cool down.

Now put all the mint in the grinder and add the mint leaves and lemon juice and grind them finely.

When the sugar syrup is completely cold, then add ground mint to the syrup and mix it well. Then filter it. Now fill syrup in a bottle. Take your fresh mint mohito is ready.

Put ice cube in the serving glass and add 4 teaspoons of mohito and soda to it. Garnish by adding mint and lemon to the glass.

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