Pooja Bhatt was hated by Soni Razdan earlier, Alia Bhatt’s mother had a good relationship with love

Pooja Bhatt was extremely hated by Soni Razdan.  (Photo courtesy: maheshfilm / Instagram)

Pooja Bhatt was extremely hated by Soni Razdan. (Photo courtesy: maheshfilm / Instagram)

Pooja Bhatt is very much in love with her sister Alia Bhatt. But there was a time that Pooja did not even want to see Alia’s mother Soni Rajzdan.

Mumbai: Pooja Bhatt, who is coming back from Bombay Begams after a long time, is a brilliant actress. Pooja, who made her Bollywood debut with a film like ‘Daddy’, captivated the hearts of the audience with her innocent performance in the film ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi’. After working in both these films, Pooja has told that acting is in her rago. Pooja, the daughter of Bollywood producer director Mahesh Bhatt, is very close to her father, but Pooja’s childhood has been very difficult.

Actually, Soni Razdan was the reason for Pooja Bhatt’s mother Kiran Bhatt’s separation from Mahesh Bhatt. There used to be bickering on Mahesh’s house over this relationship. Pooja, who grew up watching her mother and father fight during her childhood, hated Soni Razdan. Talking to the media, Pooja had told that in the childhood, there used to be quarrels in the house for the relationship with father Mahesh’s Soni Razdan. As a daughter, Pooja had simpathy with her mother. Mahesh Bhatt is going to marry Soni, he also told the news to Pooja first, although Pooja felt very bad for her mother at that time and there was a reason for hating Soni Razdan ‘.

However, Soni Razdan was very much in love with Pooja Bhatt from the beginning. Now Pooja Bhatt has a very good relationship with her step mother Soni and sister Alia Bhatt. Everything is normal in his life. These days Alia, who is a super actress by giving hit films in Bollywood, often seeks advice from her elder sister for acting. But disputes and extra-marital relationships between parents are bound to affect the children. Childhood worship has also done something similar. For any child, the separation of his parents is very painful. There are many such incidents which affect children throughout their life.

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