Riya Chakraborty appeared at the airport with the family, wrote a special message for men in T-shirts

(photo credit: instagram/@viralbhayani)

(photo credit: instagram/@viralbhayani)

Rhea Chakraborty, who was the girlfriend of Sushant Singh Rajput, appeared after a long time. In the case of Sushant, a photo of Riya, who is in the headlines, is again going viral.

Mumbai : Bollywood actress Riya Chakraborty (Rhea Chakraborty) has been keeping distance from social media and media ever since her name came up in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Riya is rarely seen in public places. Meanwhile, Riya Chakraborty appeared at the Mumbai airport along with her father Indrajit Chakraborty and brother Shovik Chakraborty. Riya was wearing a white colored hoodie. A slogan was written giving a strong message on the hoodie. Riya’s slogan photo is becoming viral on social media.

Actually, Sushant Singh Rajput (Sushant Singh Rajput), accused in the drugs case in the suicide case, Riya Chakraborty is out on bail these days. Since this case, Riya has stopped coming anywhere. But last Sunday, Riya was seen with her family. Riya wrote on the hoodie she wore, ‘Man Up’ (Man Up). This photo of Riya remains a matter of discussion. Different meanings are being derived from this slogan.

Riya Chakraborty is not being discussed for the first time about any dress. In the past too, Riya has been seen wearing different slogan T-shirts on several occasions. Riya recently wore a T-shirt on which a similar message was written. The photo with this t-shirt also went viral. Riya Chakraborty is fully active now after Sushant Singh Rajput case. Riya Chakraborty said while talking to the media a few days ago that ‘she will start working soon’.

Recently, there was a lot of discussion about not showing Riya Chakraborty in the release poster of the film ‘Face’. Let us know that the upcoming film ‘Faces’ by Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi and the centenary magnate is going to be released in the theater on April 30. Riya has not been shown in the poster associated with this film of Rumi Jaffrey, while Riya is a part of this film.

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