Saudi journalist said on US report targeting Crown Prince – no toleration of playing with sovereignty

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is accused of killing a journalist.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is accused of killing a journalist.

Reacting to the US intelligence report, the Saudi Foreign Ministry stated that the Saudi Arabian government rejects the negative, false and unacceptable assessments mentioned in the report related to the country’s leadership and that the report contains incorrect information and conclusions.

Riyadh. Saudi Arabia’s report to the US parliament after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reported to the US parliament to approve a campaign to ‘capture or kill’ journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul The media has said that America should not threaten strategic allies. The Saudi Arabian columnist has said that there can be no compromise on the sovereignty of his country.

Khaled al-Malik has written in the local Al Jazeera newspaper – America has no right to threaten a strategic ally. It is not in America’s interest to harm regional interests and its partners due to domestic differences.

‘Saudi, Washington’s oldest Arab ally’
Malik said that even after the Gulf War and the attack on oil infrastructure in the year 2019, so far, China and Russia can turn to Russia for the US dependent Saudi weapons in their defense matters. Referring to Iran, he said, ‘But Saudi likes America because of their historical and strategic ties and common goals.’ Abdullah al-Otabi in London’s Asharq al-Aswat newspaper wrote that Saudi, Washington’s oldest Arab is an ally. It is not a republican to be shaken by threats. Fahim al-Hamid wrote in the Okaz newspaper, ‘We want to strengthen relations (with the US) but not at the cost of our sovereignty. Our judiciary and our decisions are its limits. The supreme religious authority of Saudi Arabia issued a statement on Sunday, describing the US report as ‘wrong and unacceptable’.

The report was released by the Biden administration on Saturday

Please tell the report related to the barbaric murder of disgruntled journalist of Saudi Arabia, on Saturday released by the Biden administration. Khashogi was assassinated on 2 October 2018 at the consulate of Saudi Arabia in the city of Istanbul, Turkey by people belonging to Mohammed bin Salman. He was a lawful permanent resident of the United States and wrote articles in the ‘Washington Post’ newspaper and was a bitter critic of Shehzade’s policies. His corpse was torn to pieces and his remains were never found. Saudi Arabia eventually had to admit that Khashogi was killed by mistake and denied Shehzade’s involvement in the assassination.

In a report submitted to the Congress (Parliament), the National Directorate of Intelligence Office (ODNI) said that Mohammed bin Salman may have created an atmosphere in which his colleagues feared that he could be sacked for not completing the assigned work. Or they can be arrested. The report said that it is unlikely that his colleagues could question Shehzade’s order or could carry out sensitive operations without his approval. This report is dated 11 February and a part of the report has been excluded from the scope of confidentiality which has been submitted to the Congress on Friday. (With language input)

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