These two banks are getting the cheapest personal loan, check here the interest rates of the top banks, EMI and other information

New Delhi. Suddenly when a lot of money is needed, then taking a personal loan is considered the best option. This loan is available immediately and it requires minimal documentation and there is no restriction on how to use the money from the loan. Due to all these reasons the popularity of personal loans remains. If you have to start a small business, you need more capital or daughter’s wedding or other expenses. In such a situation, most people give importance to personal loans. Although the interest rates on personal loans are very high, this loan is easily found but it can be quite difficult to pay. Therefore, when no other better option is seen, then only one should go for personal loan.

So let us know how much interest rate the banks are offering on the loan amount of one lakh and personal loan of five years duration. These are the details of the bank’s interest rates, EMI and processing fees.

1. Central Bank of India (CBI): Rate of interest – 8.35 to 10.20%, EMI – Rs 2,044-2,135, Processing fee – Rs 500 + tax

2. Punjab National Bank (PNB): Rate of Interest – 8.45-14.00%, EMI – Rs 2,049-2,327, Processing Fee – 1% on loan amount + GST3. Indian Bank: Rate of Interest – 9.05-12.65%, EMI – Rs 2,078-2,309, Processing Fee-As applicable.

4. Union Bank of India: Interest Rate – 9.30-13.40%, EMI – Rs 2,090-2,296, Processing Fee – 0.5% on loan amount + GST

5. Bank of Maharashtra: Rate of Interest – 9.55-10.55%, EMI – Rs 2,103-2,152, Processing Fee – 1% on loan amount + GST

6. State Bank of India (SBI): Interest Rate – 9.60-13.85%, EMI- Rs 2,105-2,319, Processing Fee- 1.5% + GST ​​on loan amount

7. Bank of Baroda (BOB): Interest rate – 9.85-15.45%, EMI – Rs 2,117-2,03, Processing fee – 2% on loan amount

8. Nainital Bank: Rate of Interest- 10.00-10.50%, EMI- Rs.2,125-2,149, processing fee-

9.UCO Bank: Interest Rate- 10.30-10.55%, EMI- Rs 2,139-2,152, Processing Fee- 1% + GST ​​on loan amount

10. Indian Overseas Bank: Interest rate – 10.30-12.05%, EMI- Rs 2,139-2,152, Processing fee- 0.40-0.70% on loan amount

11. Bank of India (BOI): Interest Rate – 10.35-12.35%, EMI- Rs 2,142-2,242, Processing Fee- 2% on loan amount + GST

12. Federal Bank: Interest rate – 10.49-17.99%, EMI – Rs 2,149-2,539, Processing fee – 3% on loan amount + GST

13. ICICI Bank: Interest rate – 10.50-19.00%, EMI- Rs 2,149-2,594, Processing fee- 2.25% + GST ​​on loan amount

14. HDFC Bank: Interest rate – 10.50-21.00%, EMI- Rs 2,149-2,594, Processing fee- 2.25% on loan amount

15. Kotak Mahindra Bank: Interest rate – 10.75-24.00%, EMI- Rs 2,162-2,877, Processing fee- 2% on loan amount + GST

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Before taking a personal loan, keep these things in mind-
>> Choose bank with caution.
>> Calculate the interest rate.
>> Don’t fall for the zero percent EMI scheme.
>> Look at the other charges as well.
>> Check the cost of personal loan.
>> See also the option to close the loan ahead of time.
>> Do not contact many banks.

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