A blow to common man, retail inflation rises in February, 3-month record broken

In January, retail inflation was 4.06 percent.

In January, retail inflation was 4.06 percent.

In February, retail inflation reached 5.03 percent.

New Delhi. In the month of February, the common man has suffered a major setback of Inflation. In fact, retail inflation reached 5.03 percent in February. Earlier in January, retail inflation was 4.06 percent, which was the lowest level after October 2019.

1.6% drop in industrial production in January
At the same time, India’s industrial production declined by 1.6 percent in January. According to the Index of Industrial Production released on Friday, the production of manufacturing sector decreased by 2 percent in January 2021. At the same time, mining production has decreased by 3.7 percent in the month under review. While electricity generation has increased by 5.5 percent.

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