Lamborghini launches Urus Pearl Capsule in India, know the features of SUV

Lamborghini Urus has a top speed of 305 km / h.

Lamborghini Urus has a top speed of 305 km / h.

The company claims that it can catch a speed of 100 kmph in just 3.6 seconds and it takes only 12.8 seconds for the car to reach the top speed. That is, this car reaches its 200 km / h in less than 13 seconds.

New Delhi. Italian Luxury Super car the creator company Lamborghini launched its Lamborghini in India Euras Pearl Capsule Variants (Take care of Pearl Capsule) Launched SUV. Know India in Lamborghini Of for Manage One game Changer Proved Hui is. India in company has Manage The model Of 50 Percent From Excess Of The sale Of And this super luxury car segment has also made a special place in India. The company is also constantly upgrading it. India in ManageOf First Delivery September, 2018 in Hui was. Now Lamborghini by the company Take care of Pearl Capsule The model Has launched his Price 3.43 Crore Rupees (XThe showroom) is. Being told that it Special Edition india in come Had finished is And South India Of Any Customer Of Handed over did Will go. Pearl Capsule Edition One The package is In which Performance SUV To absolutely new Look To give Of for Cosmetic Change Incorporat Done went Huh.

Three colors came with the option Take care of Pearl Capsule

Lamborghini New of Take care of Pearl Capsule What three Color in Subscribers Of Front Has been lowered In which jiilointi (Yellow), Verde Mantis ( Green) And Arancio Borealis (Orange) Incorporat is. car in DualTone GlossBlack Finnish Given Gone is that Bumper, ORVM, Body Skirts, The wheel Cladding And Roof I can see and it makes the car more stylish. Due to the colors, its sporty look is enhanced and the interior also Extremely Fabulous is.

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3.6 Second in 100 kmph Of speed

Lamborghini Take care of Pearl Capsule Of talk do The company claims that it is just 3.6 Second in 100 kmph Of speed Hold Can is And Top Speed On To come Of for car To Only 12.8 Second Only Seem to Huh. That is In less than 13 seconds this car is its 200 Km/Bell On the access Caste is. 8-Speed Torque Converter Transmission From Equip Lamborghini Urus Of Top Speed 305 Km/Bell is.

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Lamborghini has this car in speed Of with The best Breaking Too Given is With which car To Speed in Run Of with Only Adverse Situation in Immediately Control in Too Brought Go Can is. Lamborghini Urus Of The engine Of talk Do the so in this 4.0-Liter Of Twin Turbo V8 The engine Given Gone is that 641 bhp Power And 850 Nm Peak Torque Generate Does is. this car To 5-The sitter SUV in Launch did Gone is.

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