Ronaldo was crazy in love with supermodel Irina, used to stock up even after the breakup

Cristiano Ronaldo and Supermodel Irina Shake

Cristiano Ronaldo and Supermodel Irina Shake

Cristiano Ronaldo dated supermodel Irina Shyak for five years

New Delhi. Football’s biggest star Cristiano Ronaldo is among the most successful players today. Recently he became the highest-grossing footballer. He is also the most followed person on social media. In between all these successes in career, his personal life is also quite balanced. He is very happy with his girlfriend Georgia. Ronaldo, who has become the father of four children, has already been associated with several models and actresses.

Ronaldo dated supermodel Irina Shayk for a long time. Five feet ten inches Irina’s full name is Irina Valerivna Shaykhislamova. She is considered one of the beautiful women of the world. She is also a supermodel. In 2010, he met Cristiano at an event in Armani. Then it did not take long for both of them to come closer. Both were together for almost four years. That is, she was the first woman who could tie Ronaldo for so many days.

Was engaged in 2011
In the year 2011, the news of their engagement was also revealed. It was revealed when Ronaldo went to Madrid to receive the Golden Boot Award and during that time Irina was also present there and he had a ring in his hand. It was later said that in February of the same year, Ronaldo proposed Irina. After this, Irina was seen with Ronaldo on an almost urgent occasion. Whether it is a football match or award function. During this time she was seen spending time with her family, especially son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.Ronaldo and Irina separated in 2014
If Irina was dreaming of making a family with him, then Ronaldo’s mother started seeing his daughter-in-law in him. Ronalda and Irina Shaik last appeared together in December 2014. Since then the two have not appeared publicly, while on 5 February Ronaldo celebrated his 30th birthday. Irina did not come in this party either. This was the first time since 2010, when Irina did not attend Ronaldo’s party. Their breakup was confirmed from here only.

Ronaldo used to stock Irina
However, it took Ronaldo a long time to get Irina out of his heart. He used to follow on Instagram even after the breakup. This discussion started suddenly when Ronaldo suddenly liked two old pictures of Irina on Instagram.

The name was associated with the Brazilian model
According to a British newspaper, Irina said, “I have now found out the truth and I think I have been cheated.” Rumors of being with other girls came when I believed him and I feel bad that Ronaldo fooled me. While living with Irina and Ronaldo, her name was associated with the Brazilian model. However, Irina said that she trusts Ronaldo.

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