SpiceJet launches Carena test facility, will be tested for Rs 299



Passengers will be able to avail the special Rs 299 facility offered by the company for the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test from the website by mentioning their PNR number.

New Delhi. If you want to get the Corona Test sitting at home, it is also going to offer this facility to you, the second largest airline in the country for just Rs 299. Just for this you have to take a passenger of this airline. Actually, SpiceJet has started the Kareena Test facility for passengers at Rs 299. It is not that only the passengers of SpiceJet can take advantage of this facility. Any person can also avail this facility of Spyjet, and they will have to pay 499 rupees for this. However, this amount is also less and SpiceJet is also the only company to conduct the Karena test in the country so cheaply. For this, SpiceJet has worked with various state governments and government medical bodies, and the company’s mobile lab testing and calibration lab is also recognized by the Indian Medical Research Council.

SpiceJet’s Mobile Lab will provide this facility to the general public in Mumbai and Delhi in the first phase. He will collect the sample from home. The same people www.spicehealth.com But you can get yourself tested by booking an appointment and visiting the nearest SpiceHealth mobile lab.

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The same SpiceJet passengers will be able to avail the special Rs 299 facility given by the company for RT-PCR test from the website by mentioning their PNR number. The company says that PNR can be used by passengers before or after 30 days of travel, for this they will have to pay only Rs 299. this About in SpiceHealth Of The CEO (Important Executive Officer) Avni Lion has said, SpiceHealth has Now Corona the inspection To more From more The people till Accessible To make Of for The initiative Of is. Its Under The people To from all Affordable And from all bright RTPCR the inspection Facility available Did it Go doing is. The initial The stage in Mumbai And Delhi Of The citizens To Our bright, Easy the inspection Facility available Did it Will go.

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