Twinkle Khanna shared fun photos with Akshay Kumar, told how to avoid divorce

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay have been married for 20 years (Photo courtesy: Instagram / twinklerkhanna)

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay have been married for 20 years (Photo courtesy: Instagram / twinklerkhanna)

Twinkle Khanna is currently enjoying a beach holiday with Akshay Kumar. He has shared the ‘Instagram Verses Reality’ photo on social media, on which Sikander Kher has made a funny comment.

New Delhi Bollywood’s beautiful couple Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar are known for their fun nature. Twinkle is very funny like Akshay Kumar. Recently, Twinkle Khanna has exposed the deceptive nature of social media. Actually, he has shared a post of the theme ‘Instagram vs Reality’, in which Akshay Kumar is seen with him. They are happily posing to the camera in the first picture. While in the second photo she is seen having fun with Akshay. This couple is currently holidaying on the beach.

Through Twinkle photos, they are telling Kapal the secret of a long relationship. She is telling how couple can avoid divorce. Twinkle Khanna wrote in the caption of the post, “When couples are on Instagram, then how do they look in reality.” She further says, “The way we smile in front of the camera, if in reality we start doing this with each other, then the chances of divorce will be reduced. #SmileOkPlease. ‘

(Photo courtesy Instagram / twinklerkhanna)

Sikander Kher has made a funny comment on this photo of Twinkle. He wrote in the comment, ‘Are you constantly beating them?’ However, the fans of Akshay and Twinkle showered a lot of love on him. One fan said, ‘The best herbs in the world. At the same time, another fan wrote, ‘Oh, how cute.’ Another comment. On Thursday, Akshay shared a selfie with Twinkle and told that they are enjoying a holiday together. However, he did not tell the place where they are. Akshay had tweeted, ‘Happy place = happy face. We are very lucky that we got a chance to spend a holiday in the midst of the epidemic. ‘

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Earlier, on ‘Koffee with Karan’, Akshay revealed that when he met Twinkle, he was dropping out of 14 consecutive flops. Akshay credited Twinkle Khanna for bringing good luck in his life and said that Twinkle brought a lot of good things in his life.

Please tell that Akshay and Twinkle were tied on 17 January 2001 in marriage. It has been 20 years since their marriage. They have two children – an 18-year-old son Aarav and eight-year-old daughter Nitara.

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