Alia Kashyap and Khushi Kapoor are BFFs, unable to laugh after seeing boyfriend in bedroom

After a long time, Alia Kashyap and Khushi Kapoor met.  (Photo courtesy: Aaliyah Kashyap / youtube)

After a long time, Alia Kashyap and Khushi Kapoor met. (Photo courtesy: Aaliyah Kashyap / youtube)

Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia Kashyap and Khushi Kapoor are best friends. Aaliya welcomes in a special way on the arrival of Los Angeles of happiness and told that we will not break this friendship.

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Alia Kashyap (Aaliya Kashyap) and Sridevi Boney Kapoor’s daughter Khushi Kapoor (Khushi Kapoor) are good friends. There is so much love between the two friends that they keep looking for an opportunity to spend time with each other. Recently, Khushi had reached Los Angeles. In the joy of Khushi’s arrival, Alia not only prepared but also shared her video on social media.

After about a year and a half, Aaliya Kashyap and Khushi Kapoor (Khushi Kapoor) have met. Aaliya is very happy to meet with happiness. Alia shared the excitement of meeting her friend on her YouTube channel. Alia has made a video, in which Alia is saying that I had planned a very exciting day. My best friend came to meet me in Los Angeles, I did not meet her after November 2019. Earlier we met in New York and I was going crazy to meet him. Here is the longest time spent without him. The caption on this video has given ‘one year meet your best friend’.

It is seen in the video that Alia reached the airport after completing preparations at her home. Along with Alia Kashyap, her boyfriend Shane also arrives at the airport to receive Khushi. Seeing Khushi, Alia woke up so much that she hugged her friends tightly. After this, the three went to lunch and they met their friend Pearl and they had a lot of fun together. Meanwhile, they were happily asked to do a scene in which they have to play a girl who has come to Los Angeles to meet her boyfriend. When she reaches his house and learns that the boy is cheating on her. All friends had a lot of fun while doing this scene.

Alia is shooting this entire video. Khushi comes to the video and enters the room, but she is unable to control her laughter. She starts laughing. After this, Khushi is given another chance and then she comes and this time too she starts laughing. Alia and her friend say that if your boyfriend cheats on you then how can you laugh at that time.

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