Crash barrier on the central side of this expressway to be taxed at a cost of Rs 108 crores

Yamuna Expressway they pass more than 28 thousand big and big vehicles every day.

Yamuna Expressway they pass more than 28 thousand big and big vehicles every day.

On the suggestion of IIT Delhi, the company has started working fast. Under which, due to any reason, the crashed vehicles will not be able to cross the Central Verge and go into the second lane.

The new Delhi. country Of from all The big Express They in One And Here Hane The ones Accidents Of Go fast and furious Of Name From Too Recognized Know The ones Yamuna Express They (Yamuna Express Way) On 108 Karad Rupees Expenditure Done Know The ones is. this Amount Of Used Here Accidents have to be curbed. Accidents are not a big deal in any expressway, but IIT Delhi (IIT Delhi) had given several recommendations regarding the Yamuna Expressway, so that there could be a lot of curbing of accidents in the absence of better faults or better. The expressway management had not been paying attention to him for a long time. Recently, seven people of a family in Mathura were killed in a painful accident in the accident here. After this accident, the Yamuna Economy also registered an FIR against IRP Anuj Jain, who was managing the management of the express way.

Since then, work has started to strengthen the security arrangements and the company has started working fast on the suggestion of IIT Delhi. Under which, due to any reason, the crashed vehicles will not be able to cross the central lane and go into the second lane, which means that other vehicles running in the second lane will not be hit and will be safe. For the steps to be taken for safety The project in 108 Crore Rupees Expenditure Will be Whose tendering process has also been completed. At the same time, the company will start work soon.

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165 Kilometer The long this Yamuna Express They On Accidents Of Number more is. Here every day near 28 Thousand From more CradleThe big Vehicle After passing and even after the fixed speed limit, the driver slows down the speed of the car only when the speed sensor comes. Accident Of mostly The cases in this To see in It has come that the vehicles enter the second lane, so that other vehicles also catch them, many times the dividers are crowded by vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

In order to overcome this problem, IIT Delhi also conducted a safety audit of the Yamuna Expressway, in which it was said that such accidents can be prevented by putting a crash barrier on the right side of the central section of the expressway. But this important suggestion was also not implemented due to which the accidents continued to increase.

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Now these suggestions are being implemented. And The whole 165 Kilometer The long Yamuna Expressway Of Central Verge On Crash Barrier Planted Will go Yamuna Expressway Of Managing company Jp Group Of Vice President Ashok Kheda has this About in Information Granted They Told That this The project Of for company Of The selection Tax took Gone is. GR Infra To him complete To make Of The responsibility Handed over Has gone is. Crash Barrier To put in near 108 Crore Rupees Of Expenditure Will come. this work The next Month From Start Ho Will go.

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