Exclusive: So many minutes remain near the wheel, by trying these methods, you can save your car from loss of life

News 18 Hindi spoke to the old person who told the way

News 18 Hindi spoke to the old person who told the way

There are no such car companies in the world that can claim that their car cannot be stolen, even though there are many security related features in modern cars, but all the things remain with the wheel. Let’s know how to save your car from being stolen again …

Amit Deshmukh. Car theft has always been a major problem. People take the car money after every month and they steal it in an instant. It is not that those who have old cars are more likely to fear the chari, but also the cars coming in the latest are completely safe. The company may claim it but Charera has all the methods. It can be said that there is no such car that it is completely safe and it is not possible. But yes, today we are making you aware of the mentality of Charera, as well as telling that there are such small things which you can adopt by stopping you from getting the car. News 18 Hindi He used to chat with the car before he talked to one such young man. Later, the police caught him and now he has done this job. He told that during stealing the car, which are those things, due to which they decide that this car is stolen. Also, they do not like much stealing of cars. You know how in this exclusive report, you can keep your car away from the eye of the wheel.

Give five to ten minutes

According to Rehan (variable name), who once worked as a car chari, there is only five to ten minutes for car chari. It is not possible that Kai Chare will take the car leisurely, which is why in most cases Kai Na Kai stays at the place from where the car is to be stolen. That is why the first target of the cars that do not have to do much stalking in the chare.

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How to save yourself from tires

The alloy wheels of the Bakail Rehan cars are also getting more due to which they are easily sold and they do not have any record so that it can be traced. Fodder tires are eaten in just 30 seconds. Notably, Kia Seltos, Sonat, Creta and Nexton’s alloy is in great demand in the market. Although these days anti-theft alloy will also come, but Charein has a chance to play it as well. They say that if people want to save the tires of their car, all they have to do is to allow the three nuts of anti-theft alloy will remain the same. This will ensure that Cher will bring with him a new nut, but he will not open an old nut and he will not try much for it. Second thing, never keep the steering of the car straight and keep it tilt and keep it in the middle. Remember that the more difficult you bring in your car, the more it will stay away from your car.

Must install gear and steering lock

Rehan says that the car owners must have gear and steering lock installed, not because after doing so their car will not be able to carry the chari, on the fixed tire, the chare will remove it and steal the car but as I said, the more difficult the chare. Do not spend much time on those cars. The lock can be eaten very easily but it only takes about 15 minutes, so instead of trying so hard, get another car to save its time.

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Theft alarm goes off in ten seconds

Bakail Rehan people are ensured that the car has an anti-theft alarm installed, as soon as Kai tries to open the car gate, the alarm will ring. This is correct, but you will be surprised to know that the Chaer disables it in just 5 seconds. If your alarm goes off after 5 seconds at night, then no one pays attention. For this, as soon as the char gate is opened, the alarm starts ringing, immediately after eating the bait, cut the wiring itself.

GPS Tracker & Branding

Rehan says that he did not steal many cars whose GPS tracking stickers were placed in the glass. They say that even if only the sticker is installed, the chara are still left because they know that the car can be easily tracked, even in a while. At the same time, many such devices have come up which have their own power backup system in addition to the battery, and even after removing the connection from the battery, the car owner easily finds it. Therefore, Rehan is also advised to install GPS tracker in the car so that the car does not come out.

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