RBI gives a shock to Yes Bank, Asset Reconstruction Company’s proposal is rejected, know the whole matter

15.36% of their total assets were declared as bad loans by Yes Bank

15.36% of their total assets were declared as bad loans by Yes Bank

The most serious cases filed by Yes Bank are Essel, Videocon, Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL), Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL). They have been declared fraud cases. These accounts cannot be transferred to the proposed ARC.

New Delhi. Of Public Sector Bank This bank (Yes Bank’s Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) proposal was rejected by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). After this, Yes Bank has suffered a big setback. In fact, the bank had said to set up an asset reconstruction company in front of the Reserve Bank to overcome the problem of its bad lines. For this approval, Yes Bank sent a proposal to RBI in September 2020. The bank had hoped that it would be made operational within six months of getting the approval, but this did not happen. This Bank Of Spokesman has this The issues On some Too To say From now Refuse Tax Given is.

Prashant Kumar, managing director and CEO of Yes Bank, said on February 10 that the bank was expecting to transfer a bad lane of about 50 thousand crores rupees from ARC. ARC Many foreign investors had expressed a desire to invest in. in this The bank was also expecting to invest a capital of 1,000 crores rupees. Right there Foreign investors were to invest a capital of 2500 crores rupees.

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This is why the approval was not receivedAnother person with the ARC says that in the lane given by Yes Bank from all more serious The cases Essel, Videocon, Housing Development And Infrastructure Limited (HDIL), Minister Housing Finance Corp. Limited (DHFL) Of Huh, Whom Fraud Of The cases Declared Tax Given Gone Huh. These Accounts To as proposed ARC in Transfer No did Go Can is.these That Event To solution To do in very Effective No Will happen, Whose Bank Present in Face up Tax Stayed is.

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15.36 Percent Part Bad Loan
31 December To This Bank By their The total Property Of 15.36 Percent Part Bad Loan Of form in Declared did Was Property Of Classification On Top Court Of Stay Of Without, gross NonExecuted The asset (NPA) Ratio 20% Would. Bank has 31 December till 8,062 Crore Of loan Of for The loan Repurchase Too Start Of is, but To them now till Applicable No did Gone is. There itself RBI has Retail Recast To Applicable To do Of for three Month And Corporate Loan Of for Six Month lamps Huh.

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