Start this business in just 1 lakh rupees, every month there will be a profit of more than 30000, the government will also help

Great earning business idea

Great earning business idea

Today again in the episode of Business Ideas, we have brought a great earning idea for you. With which you can earn 30 to 35 thousand rupees every month.

New Delhi. We are telling you about a particular business. Which you can start making less money and earn more profits. We are talking about biscuits, yes biscuits are such a thing which is always in demand. Its demand never decreases. During the lockdown, when all the industries were badly affected, Parle-G biscuits have been sold so much that the record for the last 82 years has been broken. In such a situation, setting up a bakery product unit can be a better option.

If you want to open in the bakery industry, then the Modi government itself is helping you for this. To start a business under the Mudra scheme, you only have to invest 1 lakh rupees. The fund will get help from the government up to 80 percent of the total expenditure. For this, the government has prepared a project report on its own. According to the business structure that the government has done, according to that you can earn more than 30 thousand rupees every month after cutting all the expenses.

How much will it cost
Total expenditure in setting up the project: Rs. 5.36 lakhs – in this you will have to invest only 1 lakh rupees from yourself. If you are selected under the Mudra scheme, you will get a term loan of Rs 2.87 lakh and a working capital loan of Rs 1.49 lakh from the bank. Under the project, you should have your own space of up to 500 sqft. If it is not, then it has to be taken on rent and show it along with the project file.Also read: Income for 25 years will be for just 70 thousand rupees, make a big income by sitting at home from this business

How much will be the profit

According to the project report prepared by the government, the total annual production and sales of Rs 5.36 lakh has been estimated in this way.

4.26 Lakh Rupees: Cast off production for the whole year
20.38 Lakh Rupees: So much product will be made in the whole year that it will get 20.38 lakh rupees on selling. Explain that the selling price of bakery products in this has been decided by reducing some based on the rate of other items found in the market.
6.12 Lakh Rupees: Gross operating profit
70 thousand: Spend on administration and sales
60 thousand: Bank loan interest
60 thousand: Other expenses
Net Profit: 4.2 lakh rupees annually

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Apply in currency scheme
For this, under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, you can apply in any bank. For this, you have to fill a form, in which you will have to give this detail … Name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan is required. There is also no need to pay any processing fees or guarantee fees. Loan amount can be returned in 5 years.

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