Now distance is increasing from social media, know why people are surprised and upset

Why People Are Making Distance From Social Media: Have you ever noticed that after seeing your social media account, you were worried all day or something dominated your heart and mind all day. A comment, a supplement or a post or video made on you or someone else’s post made you uncomfortable for the whole day and you continued to be affected by it in some way. Sometimes it happened that you left all work and just kept thinking and suddenly became so depressed that your body and mind also left you. Did not feel like doing anything for you. It felt as if you have become ill, then once you thought that let’s try to socialize the social media account for a few days.

Meaning no bamboo and no flute account. The difference did not feel nor relieved and it was felt that there is more to it than this in the world. Sir, it is not only us and you but the celebrities whose shop is run on social media also feel the same. The only difference is that leaving their social media becomes news and there is peace in your life. Psychological research, and psychiatrists also believe that social media is affecting our mental and physical health somewhere, now take Ranchi (Aamir Khan) of Three Idiot, he has announced to quit social media and They have said by turning their lips that after this all will be well. Not only this, there are many other celebrities who have distanced themselves from social media. I know why people are getting away from social media?

People getting away from social media:

Social media is like a puzzle filled with contradictions. It can be fun as well as annoying. It can make you feel less lonely, but can also trigger feelings of isolation and incompleteness. The most important are trolls that have the power to move you deep inside. If you are spending a lot of time on social media, imagining life without it may seem a bit daunting to you, but you have a lot of reasons to consider taking a break from this endless scrolling, which is driving people away from it. .Also read: Big News: Aamir Khan closed all his social media accounts, wrote last post

Productivity is less:

Frequent social media notifications and device ringing distracts your attention. This affects your productivity. American Psychological Association According to our efforts to do many things at once, our productivity is affected. For example, in the midst of an important project, if we keep checking our social media accounts like Facebook, then our productivity time can be reduced by 40%. While away from it, your productivity increases as your productivity increases. Conquer CyberOverload writer and retired professor Joanne Canter of Wisconsin Madison University She says that one thing about social media is worth noting that it constantly disrupts us. When we check social media again and again during work, in a way it becomes another form of multitasking and multitasking is the name of taking more time to do any work and being of low standard of work.

Effect on creativity too:

Perhaps one reason for artists and celebrities to shy away from social media is that it starts to affect your creativity. The habit of staying on social media to a great extent is considered accountable for this. Professor Cantor says that it is often necessary for an imaginative mind to take a break when you work on something other than social media. Being in the background of social media, repeatedly draws your attention and keeps asking about things. In this way it interferes with your creativity. By leaving social media completely, you rid yourself of these dangerous information and allow your creativity to flourish.

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Increased stress:

Social media has become so easy to access anywhere and at any time, we often feel compelled to pay 24/7 attention to our newsfeed and timeline. According to Professor Greenfield, the impulse to constantly be aware and aware of what is going on online increases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol in our body and causes stress. This increased stress adversely affects the brain, such as That decreases memory and increases the likelihood of depression. Staying away from social media reduces the chances of cortisol increasing in this way, which makes you calm and more focused.

Leaving social media is initially a cause for concern:

The effects of quitting social media are usually positive in the long run, but leaving it immediately can be a victim of stress and anxiety.David Green Fields, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Founder of the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine According to this it is due to the neuro biological withdrawal from the sensation of being constantly connected to something. If your social media usage is like addictive then it causes your dopamine levels to be high, so when you stop doing it If we do, then it is common to have depression or anxiety.

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There are more problems with social media:

Lack of confidence due to being more on social media, disturbed sleep, cracks in relationships and their weakness, getting bored with life, sitting in one place for a long time. There are problems such as becoming oblivious about oneself, having difficulty in decision making, emotional intelligence and loss of understanding, as well as debating with people, increasing the argument and habit of argument.

What do psychiatrists and psychologists say

Consultant psychiatrist Dr. Puneet Mathur of Max Hospital Noida says that it is one’s personal desire to leave social media or distance from it. Sometimes people can leave it for some time or completely for Peace of Mind. People also distance themselves from this to give themselves time. On the other hand, Dr Aarti Anand, Consultant Psychologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, says that the reason for people to distance themselves from social media is trolling and feeling boredom. Many people cannot withstand the stress of trolling and start getting mentally disturbed. Due to being trolled by unknown people, they feel helpless. Many times such videos or posts are such that it does not prevent you from becoming a victim of negativity and it has a bad effect on your heart and mind. Such reasons can be counted among the reasons for people to get away from social media.

Famous personalities who quit and do not use social media:

Three Idiot fame Aamir Khan said goodbye to social media on March 15, 2021, a day after his birthday. He wrote on Twitter, this is his last post on social media. Earlier in January this year, cricketer Rishabh Pant quit social media under the pressure of trolling. He had made up his mind to distance himself from it after getting upset by trolling. He said that now he will concentrate only on his game. Some Bollywood and Hollywood stars have always been living their life away from social media. These include evergreen actresses like Rani Mukherjee, Ranveer Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Rekha. In Hollywood, there are also stars like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, Emily Blunt, Titanic fame Kate Winslet who are off the social media sky.

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