after delivery feed the new mother gond ke laddu and makhana know its benefits pur

Gond Ke laddu and Makhana: After delivery, the new mother’s body becomes completely weak. In such a situation, if the body is not taken care of at that time, then the mother may have to suffer a lot in future. Let me tell you that through the mother, the baby gets nutrition so it is important that such things are included in the mother’s diet which is beneficial for her. In such a situation, the elders of the household feed gum laddus and makhana to the new mother. The lost strength comes back to the body due to their consumption and helps it recover quickly. Let us tell you why it is important to eat it after delivery and for lactating mothers.

The specialty of gum and mache
Gum in India is mainly obtained from acacia. It is soluble in water. Gum has long been used in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from this, it is also used in bakery and beauty products, energy drinks, ice cream. Makhana is often found in Indian food and its specialty is that it can be eaten on fast and if you have any for a normal fitness routine If you want to make a special snack, then Makhana can also be eaten in it. Makhana is delicious and can be eaten in many different ways. Not only is it rich in fiber, but it also comes with antioxidant properties.

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There are a lot of calories in gum laddus and makhane which helps in keeping the body warm. Consumption of these laddus gives the body energy which is essential for the mother’s care of the child.

Protein is also important
A lot of essential protein is found in gum laddus and mache, which helps in strengthening and repairing the muscles of the mother’s body. Apart from this, if you feel tired from work, then definitely eat a laddoo before sleeping at night. This brings strength to the body.

Reduce the pain of periods
Gum laddus and makhanas are given to reduce the pain and cramps when the period resumes after the birth of the baby. Not only this, gum and makhane also help in correcting the flow of blood.

The problem of possession will be overcome
Kabbaj is a problem that not only bothers pregnant women but also maternity. In such a situation, if you have a problem of constipation, then definitely include gum laddus and makhana diet. It clears the stomach properly.

Stress lessens
Consumption of Makhana relieves stress and insomnia problem is also kept away. Eat makhans with milk before going to bed at night and feel the difference yourself.

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Eat laddus in limited quantity
Although gum ladoos are good for the body, they should be consumed in limited quantities. Consuming in excess can also have the opposite effect on your health. It would be better to drink plenty of water after consuming laddus, so that there are no side effects.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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