CM Tirath’s statement on torn jeans, his wife Rashmi Tyagi Rawat gave this reaction

Rashmi Tyagi Rawat, wife of CM Tirath Singh Rawat, has come to her rescue.

Rashmi Tyagi Rawat, wife of CM Tirath Singh Rawat, has come to her rescue.

The controversial statement of Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat with torn jeans is in the news. Meanwhile, Rashmi Tyagi Rawat (wife of CM) Rashmi Tyagi Rawat has come to her rescue, although she must admit that the feelings of women are hurting.

Dehradun. CM Tirath Singh Rawat’s disputed statement of women’s torn jeans has become vocal to the opposition party. From trolling to performance on social media, it has started happening after the CM’s statement. Politics is at its peak after CM Tirath’s statement. Meanwhile, Rashmi Tyagi Rawat, wife of CM Tirath, has come to her rescue and is describing CM as a person of modern thinking. He believes that the opposition parties are misrepresenting that statement of CM. However, he admitted that women’s feelings are being hurt.

Rashmi Tyagi Rawat says, “CM Tirath’s mentality is not bad at all about women’s attire. He is thinking of enhancing Indian culture and costumes. His statement has been introduced in a sponsored manner. His image is tarnished. Trying to do. “

In fact, after the statement given by CM Tirath Singh Rawat for the last two days, the BJP government is seen to be surrounded by the opposition party. From trolling on social media to demonstrations after the statement of CM Tirath Singh Rawat, we are seen on the streets. Where the Aam Aadmi Party is talking about apologizing to the CM on this issue. Congress spokesperson Garima Dasouni says that the CM has no right to say about the children of others. The statements he has given in the last 3 days reflect his mentality.

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