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New Delhi. Gold and silver prices have risen once again. On March 18, the price of 10 grams of gold increased by 120 rupees. On Thursday morning, the price of gold in MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) rose by 12 rupees in the price of gold by 1 gram per gold. Today, the price of 22 carat (10 grams) gold in India is Rs 43,960 and the price of 10 grams (22 carat) gold is Rs 4,39,600. So let us know what is the price of 22 Carat Gold Price Rate per 10 gram and 24 Carat Gold Price Rate per 10 gram in your city today?

City – 10 grams of gold price (22 carat)

Chennai – Rs 42,370
Mumbai – Rs 43,960Delhi – Rs 44,150

Kolkata- 44,270 rupees
Bengaluru Rs 42,010
Hyderabad Rs 42,010
Kerala Rs 42,010
Pune- Rs 43,960
Gujarat and Vadodara- Rs 44,500
Ahmedabad- Rs 44,500
face- Rs 44,500
Jaipur- Rs 44,150
Uttar Pradesh (UP) – Rs 44,150
Tamil Nadu Rs 42,370
Madurai Rs 42,370
Vijayawada- Rs 42,010
Patna- Rs 43,960
Nagpur- Rs 43,960
Chandigarh Rs 44,150
Bhubaneshwar Rs 42,010
Mangalore- Rs 42,010
Visakhapatnam- Rs 42,010
Nashik- Rs 43,960
Mussoorie- Rs 42,010

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City – 10 grams Gold Price (24 carat) – 24 Carat Gold Price Rate per 10 gram
Chennai – Rs 46,220
Mumbai – Rs 44,960
Delhi – Rs 48,160
Kolkata- Rs 46,910
Bengaluru 45,830 rupees
Hyderabad 45,830 rupees
Kerala 45,830 rupees
Pune- Rs 44,960
Gujarat and Vadodara- Rs 46,360
Ahmedabad- Rs 46,360
face- Rs 46,360
Jaipur- Rs 48,160
Uttar Pradesh (UP) – Rs 48,160
Tamil Nadu Rs 46,220
Madurai Rs 46,220
Vijayawada- 45,830 rupees
Patna– Rs 44,960
Nagpur- Rs 44,960
Chandigarh Rs 48,160
Bhubaneshwar 45,830 rupees
Mangalore- 45,830 rupees
Visakhapatnam- 45,830 rupees
Nashik- Rs 44,960
Mussoorie- 45,830 rupees

Keep in mind that the prices of gold and silver jewelry vary across India due to excise duty and state-imposed tax.

Expert said that prices will accelerate
According to experts, the yellow metal may once again rise. In India, gold and silver prices will now be supported by the purchase due to marriage season. If it is invested in gold at current prices, it can give big profits in the long term. Experts believe that in 2021, gold prices will definitely increase. It is estimated that gold prices will cross the level of Rs 63,000 this year. If this happens, then the investors are sure to get strong profits.

Gold Price in International Market
In the international market, gold is trading at a rapid pace. Gold is trading up by $ 0.14 in the US at the rate of $ 1,727.22 per ounce. At the same time, silver is trading at a level of $ 26.02 with a gain of $ 0.09.

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