If you do this work for Amazon, you will get a reward of 15 lakhs, know everything

In the hackathon, 10 winners will get a chance to win a cash prize of up to 1.5 million.

In the hackathon, 10 winners will get a chance to win a cash prize of up to 1.5 million.

Amazon announced the ‘Sambhav – Build for India’ hackathon. In this, there is a competition for developers and software engineers to create new solutions and solve the problems of the world.

New Delhi. Amazon India announced the launch of the ‘Amazon Sambhav – Build for India’ hackathon in partnership with Skylanza. It aims to bring the developers community together and develop digital solutions to create a self-reliant India.
The company said that the ‘Amazon Possible – Build for India’ hackathon has been designed to provide developers and software engineers the opportunity to create new solutions and solve the world’s problems. In this, 10 winners will get the award for winning a cash prize of up to 15 lakhs. In addition, winners will receive redeemable Amazon Web Series credits and have the opportunity to participate in informational webinars and metering sessions provided by industry leaders. Pranab Bhasin, director of MSME and Selling Partner Experience, said that technology and innovation will play an important role in realizing India’s potential in the 21st century. The hackathon will help entrepreneurs to use their full potential. It will also help in the development of India’s startup ecosystem by giving them access to the right ecosystem.
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Registration will be done by 22 MarchThe hackathon is open to professionals working with teams of 1 to 4 members. Additional information about the hackathon is available at https://www.smbhav.com/summit/hackathon. Registration has started for ‘Amazon Possible- Build for India’, which will be closed on 22 March 2021.
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Developers will give plug and play e-commerce solutions

The hackathon is on two themes, ‘Business Innovation’ and ‘Sustainability and Healthcare’. This theme focuses on technology innovation and creative strategic proposals. Under the theme ‘Business Innovation’, developers will work on building products that put SMBs at the center of the Indian economy. Areas of innovation include SAAS for SMBs such as book-keeping and accounting. This includes making SMBs online with tools for quickly creating websites, offering plug and play e-commerce solutions to build online stores, and creating such tools. The second theme, ‘Sustainability and Healthcare’, is about building products that will provide solutions for smart cities, energy efficiency, and data analytics engines that run cities efficiently. Not only this, solutions that can provide affordable medical solutions for remote areas of the country are also included.

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