If you dream of building a house in Patna, then where is the rate of land, the most demand of these areas

Patna. Everyone dreams of having a home of their own. If you talk about Patna, the capital of Bihar, then in the last few years, the city of Patna and its adjoining areas are developing rapidly, where people are buying land. If you also have a dream to build a house in Patna, then we are going to tell you which areas of Patna are developing rapidly and what are the circle rates of these areas.

While buying land in the capital Patna has always been expensive, but after the government increased facilities in the adjacent areas and construction of wide roads, rapid construction of houses started in the outskirts of Patna city. The area from Gandhi Maidan to Saguna Fold in Patna is counted among the most posh areas. Apart from the main city of Patna, the sale of land is increasing rapidly in Khagaul, Danapur, Bihata, Gaya Road area, Sampatchak, Gaurichak, Dhanrua, Zero Mile area and Mauja coming in the area of ​​Fatuha Road. All these areas are developing rapidly and people are getting land registrations done for their houses.

Know the circle rate of main areas of Patna
If you are thinking of taking land here in the main area of ​​Patna (which comes in posh areas), then know the price here. All prices are given per katta. 1.3 to 1.4 crore in Dakbangla, Fraser Road 1.2 to 1.3 crore, Exhibition Road 1.2 crore 1.3 crore, Gola Road Main Road 50 lakh to 60 lakh, Saguna Fold to Khagaul Station 82 lakh to 90 lakh, Gola Road Branch Road 25 lakh to 40 Lakh, Ashiana Road 33 lakh to 45 lakh, Beur 30 lakh to 40 lakh, Anisabad 40 lakh to 60 lakh and Jagdevpath area has a rate of 50 to 70 lakh. Circle rate of outskirts adjacent to Patna

The outskirts adjoining Patna have the highest demand today. Here people are buying land to build houses fast. After the announcement of new airport in Bihta and the construction of elevated road, the demand for land has increased rapidly.

Circle Rate Per Decimal of Different Sickness in Bihta Area
Sikanderpur Mouja – 2.70 Lakh to 1.68 Lakh, Devkuli – 1.80 to 1.68 Lakh, Sadisopur – 1.89 to 1.44 Lakh, Kanhauli – 1.88 to 1.44 Lakh, Visambharpur – 1.44 to 1.12 Lakh, Shivala to Sadisopur 10 to 20 Lakh per Katha, Neura to Sadisopur Inner area 5 to 12 lakhs, rate per decimal in Danapur area, 4.5-4 lakhs in Badi Khagaul, Sawajpura east turn – 5. 0- 4.0 lakhs, Savajpura western region- 5.0-4.0 lakhs

Rate of different occasions of fatuha
In Govindpur Dariya Mauja, the residential land on the main road is Rs 4 lakh, while the branch road has 2.24 lakh per decimal. Similarly, Niajipur 90 thousand in main road and branch road, 56 thousand to 38 thousand in Ramjichak, 1 lakh 12 thousand in Varishpur and 60 thousand rupees in decimals in branch road. The rate of Gaya Road area is 1.62- 1.20 lakh in Dhanrua, 1.21 – 96 thousand in Rupaspur, 405090- 32 thousand in Mostafapur.

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