Opportunity to buy cheap gold, these are the 4 best options for investing in gold, double profits will be made. gold prices down know 4 best ways to invest in gold start this way with less money samp

At this time investing in gold can be a good option

At this time investing in gold can be a good option

Gold Price: It is considered a better option to choose gold for long term investment. Gold also helps to beat inflation.

New Delhi. India is the second country in the world where gold consumption is the highest. For people in India, gold is not only a precious metal but also auspicious metal. Apart from this, gold is considered one of the best options for investment. The importance of gold in India can only be gauged from the fact that a large part of the budget for weddings is spent for gold jewelery and coins etc.

There is a continuous decline in gold prices today. So far, the price of gold has come down to a low of about 11 months. Gold touched an all-time high of 57,000 in August last year, but now gold has fallen by 21 per cent to Rs 11,500 per 10 grams.

1. Sovereign Gold Bond
There can be many options for investing in gold such as jewelry, gold coins, gold bullions, etc. But the best option among all of these is Sovereign Gold Bond. By investing in this government scheme, the risk is greatly reduced and you can get returns without worrying. Sovereign issues gold bonds to the Reserve Bank, so there is no problem about its purity. Investing in Sovereign Gold Fund is beneficial. In addition to the price of gold, it also gets a fixed return of 2.5 percent per annum.2. Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (Gold ETF)

The facility of buying gold like shares is called Gold ETF. It is a scheme of mutual funds. It is one of the cheapest investment options in gold. These are exchange-traded funds that can be bought and sold on stock exchanges. Since the gold ETF’s benchmark is spot gold prices, you can buy it close to the actual price of gold. To buy Gold ETF, you must have a trading demat account. In this, gold is bought in the unit. On selling it, you get not an amount of gold but an amount equal to the market value of the time.

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3. Gold Mutual Funds
It is easier to invest in gold mutual funds than gold ETFs. You can invest in gold mutual funds directly through online mode or its distributors. On the other hand, to invest in Gold ETF, you must have a Demat Account. In gold mutual funds, AMC invests its corpus in gold ETFs for returns. In addition, gold mutual funds allow investors to invest through SIP. Gold mutual funds are open-ended investment products that invest in gold exchange traded funds (Gold ETFs) and their net asset value (NAV) is tied to the performance of ETFs.

4. You can also buy gold from the payment app
You can invest in digital gold right from your smartphone. There is no need to spend too much money for this. You can buy gold as much as you want for your convenience. This feature is available on platforms such as Amazon-Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe and Mobikwik.

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