Raw Mango Drink Aam Panna Recipe: Changing weather will affect Chu Mantar

Aam Panna Recipe: Due to change in weather, heat has also increased significantly. During the summer season, such beverages should be consumed to keep the body moisture and freshness too. Aam panna is one such recipe. As much as it is excellent in drinking mango panna, it is equally beneficial. Drinking mangoes also saves you from sunstroke. Today we have brought you the recipe of Mango Pana. You can make mango pan in 5 minutes by adopting these cooking tips.

Ingredients for making mango panna-

1 large or medium sized raw mango

2-3 cardamom or cardamom powder

4-5 teaspoon black salt

Sugar – 1 pinch

10 snowflakes
Method of preparation of Mango Pana:

To make mango pana, first wash the raw mangoes thoroughly with water. After that, cook the mango with some water in the pressure cooker until it comes to 3-4 whistles. So that it will melt completely.

– Then peel it, remove the kernels and peels from it and keep it aside.

Now mix black salt, cardamom powder and sugar in the mango pulp and mix it in the mixer.

After grinding it, remove it and add one liter of water to it and then sieve it.

– Mango panna is ready, serve ice cold by putting ice cubes in it or keep it in the fridge and drink it comfortably.

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