Safety tips while traveling alone

Safety Tips: Making a plan to go out of the four walls of the house makes you excited before leaving on a journey. But in view of the increasing crime in today’s time, especially for girls, traveling alone is not less of a challenge. But by taking some precaution and showing full awareness, you can avoid any problem. By following these special tips, your journey will be pleasant and there will be no problem of any kind. Know what precautions are necessary in the journey-

Keep mobile fully charged
Take full care of your safety while traveling. Keep your mobile phone fully charged. Apart from this, keep paper spray and other similar things in your purse for your protection.

Change seat when uncomfortableIf you are traveling alone in a bus or train and you are feeling uncomfortable with the gesture of someone, then you can change your seat. Apart from this, especially in a long journey, sit at the place where other women are with you or a family is traveling.

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Keep gps and map on
When you book a cab or auto, take full care of your GPS and map. With this, you will keep the right direction and you will feel safe.

Don’t mix too much
Make sure that the journey is short or long, that strangers don’t get mixed up more than people. Neither give your things to them to eat nor eat anything given to them. This precaution is necessary for your safe journey.

At least there are accessories
For a good and comfortable journey, it is important that you carry at least one baggage from home. This will make it easier to walk with it and will not have to take any help.

Do not forget to keep medicines
If you take any kind of medicine, do not forget to keep them with you. Apart from this, if you have any problem in the way of Vomit etc., then also take medicine for it.

Carry essentials
Keep distance from eating outside things in the journey. It is also better in terms of security. Carry food, water, biscuits etc. with you. So that you do not need to buy from outside.

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Keep food and drink with you
Try not to sleep during the journey. If there is a long journey and you are feeling sleepy, then take full care of your belongings. Do not leave your luggage on the seat, but keep a place in your bag so that it does not go around. And do not have to search later.

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