Uttarakhand: The doors of Baba Kedarnath will open from May 17, the registration of horse-mules will begin on March 25

Rudraprayag Eleventh The doors of Jyotirlinga Kedarnath will be opened to devotees from India and abroad on May 17 after two months. In such a situation, there are only two months left for the Kedarnath Yatra. For this, the administration has also started preparing for the Kedarnath yatra. While DM Rudraprayag is meeting with the officials regarding the preparations for the journey, from next 25th March, the horses and mules carrying passengers will be registered and the licensing process will be started.

Facilities will increase in the way of travel

DM Manuj Goyal has inspected the walking route of Kedarnath Yatra on foot. During the inspection, the DM had inspected the walkway from Gaurikund to Kedarnath, in which the DM has instructed to install water ATMs for the first time on foot. At the same time, along with simplifying the walkway, instructions have also been given to increase the number of shops and toilets so that pilgrims can be facilitated on their journey by facilitating them on foot.

Chardham roadway will be improvedThe ambitious plan of the Central Government on NH going to Chardham is also towards the end of work in Chardham Road Project. In Rudraprayag-Gaurikund HH going to Kedarnath, 90 percent work has been done from Rudraprayag to Kund. Due to this, the road has become quite wide and quality, while work is going on in the road from Kund to Gaurikund, in such a way that travel will be easier this year than previous years also with a vehicle.

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The registration and licensing process of horse-mules will begin

For the successful operation of the Kedarnath Dham Yatra, registration and licenses of horse-mule owners, hawkers and workers will be issued by the Animal Husbandry and Panchayat Department by organizing camps at various places from 25 March. Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Ramesh Singh Nitwal said that on Thursday (March 25) at Raunlake, Maikhanda and Chhenagad of development block Ukhimath for health testing and insurance of horse-mules with respect to travel including issuance of registration and license of horse-mule owners, hawkers and workers. Will be held.

Similarly, camps were organized on 31 March at Mansuna, Gaurikund, Jakholi Badma on 3 April at Sirsauli, Badasu, Chandrapuri on 6 April for registration of license for horse-mule owners, hawkers and workers on the route of travel in Jalamalla, Khumera and Naini Poundar Will go He said that camps will be organized on April 9 in Kalimath, Narayankoti and Nagajgai, on April 16 in Jakhdhar and Triyuginarayan, on April 19 in Lavara and Banswara and on April 22 in Salya and Badath.

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