khoya khurchan paratha recipe made with saffron and sugar

Khoya Khurchan Paratha Recipe: If you are bored of eating porridge, kachori or plain paratha everyday for breakfast, then this time make sweet khoya khurchan paratha. Its taste is such that it will dissolve in the mouth and you will get praise everywhere. At the same time, the aroma of Kewade and Cardamom will win your heart. This paratha prepared with saffron, sugar and cardamom is very special due to its taste, so let’s know how to make Khoya Khurchan Paratha-

Ingredients for making Khoya Kharchan Paratha
150 grams khoya
1/4 gram saffron
A little kewda
200 grams ground sugar
10 grams Cardamom Powder
400 grams wheat flour
3 tablespoons ghee
Water as per need

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The method of making Khoya Kharchan Paratha
First of all, put two tablespoons of ghee in wheat flour and knead soft dough with water. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep it aside for an hour. Now grate the khoya and keep it aside. Soak saffron in hot water. After this, add ground sugar, cardamom powder and kewda to the khoya mixture along with the saffron and mix well. Divide the dough into equal parts. Knead each portion with the khoya mixture. Now roll the parathas. Heat ghee and pour ghee on the paratha and roast it from both the sides. Roast it till it becomes light brown. Your paratha is ready. You can serve it hot.

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