EY Awards: Mukesh Ambani said, a tsunami of opportunities is visible for Indian entrepreneurs

New Delhi. Mukesh Ambani (CMD Mukesh Ambani), Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), said during the Ernst & Young Enterprise of the Year Award (EY Awards) that I see a tsunami of opportunities for entrepreneurs in India at this time and in the future She is He gave two important reasons for his belief. He said that the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) advocates a greater role of the private sector in shaping the future of India. All the entrepreneurs of the country should welcome this fact. At the same time, we have the revolutionary power of new technology to change the economy of the country today.

‘India to be ranked among top three economies of the world’
RIL CMD Mukesh Ambani said that small, medium and large enterprises rarely get the chance to fulfill the desire of 1.3 billion people for a good life. We can be among the top three economies in the world in the coming decades. We have full capacity to achieve this milestone. Due to changes in clean energy, education, health sector, lifesciences and biotechnology and the existing agriculture, industry and service sectors, we have unprecedented opportunities. He said that Indian entrepreneurs are able to meet the needs of the local market at a more competitive cost with global quality.

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Mukesh Ambani said that the world market has opened up to the Indian entrepreneurs due to its ability to produce quality products at a competitive cost. We must first meet the needs of the domestic market. After this, the global market should move. He said that our country is going to be the epicenter of global economic growth and changes. India has already started moving forward on a global scale. We have progressed considerably as an economic, democratic, diplomatic, strategic, cultural force. Not only this, India is also rising rapidly in the form of digital and technology power.

‘Will have to work with unlimited commitment in less resources’
The chairman of Reliance Industries said that entrepreneurs will play a big role in India’s rapid progress. Indian entrepreneurs are trying to expand their business and take them to the global level. Such new things are being made every day, which will change the picture of not only India but the whole world. He said that today’s Indian entrepreneurs have a tremendous appetite for success. Also said that many of you have just started your business. Based on my experience, I want to tell them that you have to be ready to work with unlimited commitment, at least in resources.

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‘Youth will write a big success from entrepreneurs of my generation’
Mukesh Ambani said that do not panic when you fail, because success comes only after failure. I am confident as an entrepreneur that you all have the courage and commitment to work tirelessly to taste success. Therefore, I am completely confident that all of you will write a far greater success for the country than the entrepreneurs of my generation. During this, he also congratulated the winners of this year’s EY Awards.

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