Overseas workers get up to 50 lakh rupees for business at home, know what is the special plan – Yogi Government starts mukhyamantri pravasi kamgar rojgar yojana migrant workers loan upto 50 lakh for business know how upas

Lucknow. The Yogi government has brought the biggest gift of employment and self-employment to millions of migrant workers and workers on Holi. People of UP will no longer have to look to other states for employment and business. The Yogi government is now going to provide huge employment and self-employment opportunities to the migrant workers in their cities and villages. For this, the state government has implemented the Chief Minister Pravasi Rojgar Yojana in the state. Under the scheme, migrant workers will be able to start their own enterprises by contributing only 5 per cent. Under the scheme, migrant workers will be able to set up units up to 50 lakh rupees. 70% of the cost of the project can be availed from banks while 25% will be borne by the state government as grant.

Under the Chief Minister Pravasi Rojgar Yojana, the workers returned from other states will be encouraged to provide employment and employment in the units of industrial and service sector working in the state to make them employable and self-employed.

Under the scheme, such workers as migrant workers, laborers, skilled in plumbing, mechanic, tailor, driver, weaving, dyeing etc. and are willing to do their own jobs, to set up self-employment unit projects to such workers The state government will help. The state government will set up a unit of up to 50 lakhs for migrant workers, workers to set up their own enterprises and service businesses in their village, city.

These projects will be funded through banks. Workers and workers will have to submit their own 5 per cent contribution. Such workers and workers will also be allowed under the scheme, who will be able to borrow money from their own private sources without taking bank loan. Under the scheme, 25% margin money grant will be provided by the state government. In this way, the project will be set up by providing loans from banks at 70 percent of the project cost. Interest will be payable by the banks only on the loan amount.

All categories of industries, services and businesses can be set up under the scheme. All types of business activities will be included in the plan. Under the scheme, light commercial vehicles can also be purchased for freight transportation.

These will be eligible

Under the scheme, all migrant workers will be eligible for labor. The data of these workers has been collected by the Employment Department. These data will be used for the implementation of the scheme. For applying self-employment and getting loan, it will be mandatory to have a minimum of class 8 pass. Passing high school will be compulsory for projects of more than 10 lakhs. For such migrant labor workers who will be able to take money from their sources without taking bank loan, they will not be obliged to pass class-8.

The age limit for the scheme has been fixed at 18 to 59 years. There will be on-line system of application in the scheme. At present, a link will also be made in the Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarozgar Yojana operated online. Applications received online will be sent to banks after testing on the lines of Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarozgar Yojana.

This is how you will get loan and benefits

After dispatch of application forms under the scheme, the workers will be imparted 10 days skill training through Skill Development Mission Entrepreneurship Development Institute ITI and training institutes of the State and Government of India. The margin money will be made available by the department on the lines of Mukhyamantri Yuva Swarojgar Yojana after sanction of loans and disbursement of first installment by banks. The margin money amount will be deposited as TDR in the bank and will be adjusted in the beneficiary’s account after successful operation of the unit for one year. The bank will only charge interest on the loan amount.

Migrant workers who have returned to lockdown have already got employment

The government claims that out of the nearly 34 lakh migrant laborers who came back from all over the country during the lockdown, the Yogi government has already linked employment through various schemes. The State Government provided skill training to the migrant laborers in 1042969 and linked them to employment in different districts. The Yogi government employed 114466 migrant workers in construction units. After skill training of about 5 lakh workers, the state government signed MoUs with private sector companies and linked them to employment.

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