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New Delhi. After a week, we will enter the new month of this year in April. April 1 (1 April 2021) is about to come and April is coming with many challenges for the common man. Where there will be more burden on the common man’s pockets. Yes! While on one hand the rising prices of petrol and diesel have made a living, on the other hand, the prices of milk, air conditioners (AC), fan, TV (TV), smartphones (Smartphones) from April 1 onwards. On the other hand, on the other hand, you will have to pay more for toll tax and electricity price hike from air fare price hike. So let us know from April 1 whether some will be expensive and for this you will have to pay many rupees.

Milk prices will increase by 3 rupees from April 1
The traders have decided to increase the price of milk. The farmers had talked about raising the price of milk to 55 rupees per liter. But traders say that they will increase the price of milk by only 3 rupees. The increased prices will be applicable from 1 April. That is, from April 1, you will get Rs 49 per liter of milk.

Traveling on expressway will be expensiveTraveling on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway is going to be more expensive. The Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority board has approved the new rates for the year 2021-22. There has been an increase of at least 5 rupees and maximum 25 rupees. The new rates will be applicable from 1 April.

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Will have to pay more for electricity
The electricity department is preparing to shock the people of Bihar from 1 April. Biharis may have to pay higher bills for electricity from next month. According to the electricity department, the South and North Bihar Power Distribution Company has proposed to increase the electricity rate by 9 to 10 percent. If the Bihar State Electricity Regulatory Commission accepts this proposal, then there are signs of increasing the burden of inflation on consumers.

Air travel will be expensive from April
If you often travel by flight, then it is a shock to you. Soon you will have to pay more for flying with flights. Recently, the central government decided to increase the lower limit of domestic flights fares by 5 percent. Now from April 1, the Aviation Security Fee (ASF) is also going to increase. From April 1, the aviation security fee for domestic flights will be Rs 200. Currently it is 160 rupees. Talking about international flights, the fee for these will increase from $ 5.2 to $ 12. These new rates will be applicable on tickets issued from April 1, 2021.

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TV will be expensive from April 1
From April 1, 2021, the price of television (TV Price increase) can increase from 2000 to 3000 rupees. This is also when, in the last 8 months, the prices have increased by 3 to 4 thousand rupees. In view of this, TV manufacturers have also demanded to bring TV in PLI schemes. From 1 April 2021, the price of TV will increase by at least 2 to 3 thousand rupees.

AC, fridge, cooler will be expensive
If you are thinking of buying AC (air-conditioner- AC) or freeze in the summer season this year, you may get a big shock. Since April, AC companies are planning to increase the price. Companies are preparing to increase the price of AC due to the increase in the prices of raw materials. Companies making AC are planning to increase the price by 4-6 per cent. That is, the price per unit AC can increase from Rs 1500 to Rs 2000.

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Buying a car will be expensive
If you are thinking of getting a car, then March will be a good month for you, because in April you may find it expensive to buy a car. The Japanese company Nissan has announced an increase in the prices of its cars, with Nissan announcing a hike in the prices of its second brand, Datsun. Apart from the cars of Nissan, Renault Kiger which is the cheapest compact SUV in the country from April 1, is also going to be expensive. The Escorts Agri Machinery division of Escorts Limited, an agricultural equipment manufacturer, said on Wednesday that it will increase the price of tractors from next month.

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