Birth Anniversary of Mahadevi Verma Read Her Famous Poem- Those are not the smiling flowers that come to fade, read poems of Mahadevi Verma

On Birth Anniversary Of Mahadevi Verma Read Her Famous Poem- Today, 26 March is the birthday of the famous poet Mahadevi Verma. Mahadevi Varma is also called ‘Meera’ of the modern era. Mahadevi Varma was born on 26 March 1907 in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. He is considered to be one of the four major pillars of the Hindi cinematographic poem world. He started humming the works of great litterateurs like Mirabai, Surdas and Tulsidas since childhood. He started writing poems only from the raw age of 7 years. He completed his higher education from Allahabad University. Mahakavi Nirala calls him Saraswati. Today, on the birthday of Mahadevi Verma, we have brought some famous poems from Rekhaa …

1. They don’t smile
Those who wither
They are not the lights of the stars, which is pleasing to be extinguished

They are not clouds of sapphires
Those who want to dissolve
He is not Anant Rituraj
Who saw the way

They don’t listen
In which tears are formed pearl
This is not a bed of life
In which sleepless sleep

Aisa tera lok pangana
No no depression
Don’t burn
Who knows the taste of fading

Will you get a world of amars
Gift of your compassion
Stay it oh god hey
This is my right to disappear.

2. Deep my water is unhappy,
Dissolves unchallenged!
Indus’s exhalation is cube,
Lightning is the distressing mind of you,
What is the fear of suffering
Zone filled with tears!
Vibrate directions,
Veins, veins of all lands,
Singing storm
Today for you only

Is there love for Nishi’s brides,
With renewable flame
You took away precious support!

Do not forget the path, even a step,
Do not lose the house, even the mini bird,
The shadow of all is bright

All along with you,
Soft-hearted dreams,
You are without them, forever
Do not get lost in the desert of thirst, move!

Now speaking in Dhoom,
What to weigh in alkali now!
Morning Hans will cry and count,
How many moments have been gold
Deep ray, you are unhappy,
Come on!

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