pets care tips on Holi Festival

Take care of your pet on Holi in these ways.  Image / shutterstock

Take care of your pet on Holi in these ways. Image / shutterstock

Holi Festival 2021: Pets are also part of our family. They do not have any inconvenience on the festival, in which they need to be taken care of properly.

Holi Festival 2021: For the hobbyists of pets, their pets are like family members. In a way, keeping a dog, cat or any other animal in the house means another responsibility which has to be taken care of as a child. Because these are also on our own shelter and in such a situation it is our responsibility to take full care of them. If you have pets in your house too, then you need to take full care of them on Holi. So that they are left with water filled balloons, colors etc. While they may be afraid of this, chemical dyes can prove to be dangerous for pets. In such a way, take care of your pet on the festival in these ways-

Clean by shampooing
In the festive season of Holi, if the paint gets colored by mistake, then clean it immediately and give the paint a good wash by shampooing them. If you still have itching, allergic reactions, see a veterinarian immediately.

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To keep your pets safe and protected from colors, keep them in a room where they can get a calm environment. Also, no one could reach these animals and put color on them.

Do not leave chemical-rich colors in the mouth
If you have also kept pets such as dogs, cats and dogs at your home, then keep them in a safe place for some time. Because many times children mischievously put color on them or they may get colored by mistake. In such a case, if there is color on them, then clean it immediately. Actually, animals lick their bodies and clean them. In such a situation, when chemical-rich colors fall in their body, they can reach inside their body through their tongue and they can become victims of stomach and intestinal diseases.

Do not allow sweet things to be eaten
Do not feed your pet your food. The food that you eat is not necessarily balanced for your pet. Do not let them eat sweet things at the same time. Too much sweet is not good for animals. This can have a bad effect on their health.

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Colors can cause skin allergy
Holi has many harmful chemicals in the chemical-colored dyes, due to which the skin may suffer from skin allergies and irritation. So protect your pets with colors and keep them in a safe place.

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