to look stylish in summer season follow these tips

As the summer season approaches, people start making travel plans. But a tension keeps in mind what to wear in summer. So that they can look stylish and comfortable. So come, here are giving you some such tips, by which girls can give themselves a stylish look even in summer.

Carry can do chicken dress

In the summer, you can carry a chicken dress to look stylish. These dresses are specially prepared for summer. It is mostly made of chiffon, cotton and georgette fabric, which has Lucknow’s famous embroidery chicken work. Among these, you will easily find many more dress like short skirt, long skirt, kurti and suit in stylish design. By carrying them, you can show yourself stylish.

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Wearing shorts with the help of stockings and boy leg shorts

You can give yourself a stylish look by carrying a short dress. For this, you can resort to a dress like capri, half pants, short skirt. If you feel uncomfortable in carrying these dresses, then you can take help of stockings and boy leg short for this.

Carry sleeveless with shrug

You can carry a sleeveless dress in summer. If you make yourself feel good, then it will also give you a hot look. If you hesitate to carry a sleeveless dress for any reason, then Shraag will help you in this. It will also help you to remain comfortable with a hot look.

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Carry them with a plazo for a stylish look

In summer, instead of tight shalwar and churidar, if you take the plazo, it will give you both style and comfort. You can also wear crop top, long kurti, short kurti, short top and T-shirt along with the plazo for a stylish look.

Carry a light colored loose fit dress

Carry a loose fit dress in place of tight in the summer, as well as try to wear only a dress made of fabric like chiffon and georgette. In this season, instead of black, red, yellow, purple, blue and green color dress, wear light colored dress like sky, cream, beige and light pink. These will give you a hot and stylish look with cool feel. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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