after holi house cleaning tips

Cleaning the house with these methods will be easy.  Image / shutterstock

Cleaning the house with these methods will be easy. Image / shutterstock

Holi 2021: After Holi, the most boring thing seems to be house cleaning. Cleaning the house after hours of fatigue, it is also not easy to get rid of the color stains.

Holi 2021: When you are tired after having a lot of fun and playing colors in Holi, there is no courage to do house cleaning. Cleaning the house for hours after getting exhausted, it is not easy to get rid of the color stains. If you also have this problem every time on Holi, cleaning work is very boring for you, then some easy cleaning tips will make your work easier for you. Then whether your house is big or small. It is important for you to adopt these Smart Cleaning Tips. In such a situation, cleaning of your house will be done in minutes and with your time it will also take less effort. At the same time, you will also be satisfied with the cleanliness you want. Come learn cleaning tips-

Floor cleaning
If the color falls on the floor, clean it with a cloth before it dries. Then clean your floor with the help of detergent. For this, you can also scrub it with an old toothbrush lying in the house. But do not rub it too hard. At the same time, you can easily clean the tiles and the colored spots on it with the help of a soap-soaked brush. For this, rub the brush lightly with your hand.

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Sometimes wooden furniture gets colored and it is difficult to get rid of. If your furniture has a wet color, soak cotton in acetone and then remove the stains from the furniture. Your furniture will be cleaned.

Kitchen cleaning
Clean the color in the kitchen immediately. Because of being always full of food and drink, germs, bacteria and insects are most likely to flourish in the kitchen. In such a situation, clean the kitchen first. Clean the sponges and kitchen clothes in the dishes properly. Clean the colored stains on the sink etc. with the help of detergent.

Cleaning the rest of the house
Most colors are applied to the door. In such a case, clean their handles with an anti-bacterial cleaner. Also clean the colored, frozen dust and soil on the walls. Take out the carpet in the sun and clean it. So that bacteria does not flourish in it. While cleaning the toilet, clean the toilet handle. If there are colored stains here, then use anti bacterial cleaner in addition to soap.

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This is how to clean the color on the walls
They look very bad once the walls are painted. In such a situation, to clean them, wet the cotton towels and clean the color with a light hand. But do not rub it hard, otherwise it can spoil the color of the wall.

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